10 Things You Must Know before Using Essential Oils on Your Dog

10 Things You Must Know before Using Essential Oils on Your Dog

Humans have been using essentials oils for thousands of years to treat a myriad of health issues. But can essential oils penetrate fur or be safe for pets to ingest or inhale? Essential oils aren’t just pleasantly aromatic oils that freshen rooms. They can help calm anxiety, relieve flu symptoms and help the body return to homeostasis. Humans aren’t the only species to reap the benefits of essential oils.

Cat Bathing

Fat Cats – Cat Obesity

Twenty-Five percent of cats are clinically obese, which is defined as an excess accumulation of body fat. This is important because obesity can reduce your cats life span. Obesity also predisposes to Heart Disease, Skin Disorders, Arthritis, and Fatty Liver Disease, Cancer, Lower Urinary Tract Disease, and Diabetes. Obesity can either cause or result from Diabetes. In either case…

Feline Immuno Deficiency Virus (FIV)

FELINE IMMUNO DEFICIENCY VIRUS (FIV) (FELINE AIDS) FIV is a retrovirus related to but distant from the Feline Leukemia Virus. FIV is classified as a Lentivirus (or “slow virus”) as are the viruses that cause: • Progressive Pneumonia in Sheep • Infectious Anemia in Horses • Arthritis – Encephalitis in Goats • Acquired Immune Deficiency…