Dr. Carol Osborne

Dr. Osborne offers traditional veterinary care for dogs and cats with a softer, natural touch. In addition to traditional treatments, Dr. Osborne highlights the importance of nutrition and diet specifically for each patient. Dr. Osborne believes that supporting the pet’s entire body by addressing natural nutrition, and supplementing with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals when needed, helps to boost the bodies natural defenses thereby stimulating internal immunity, speeding up the healing process and restoring homeostasis.

About Vaccines

There is quite a lot being written as to the overuse of vaccines, especially about their toxicity and the practice of giving multiple vaccines at once. While Dr. Osborne supports the selective use of vaccines, she takes a decidedly conservative approach to their use, and she rarely administers more than one vaccine at a time. Vaccine programs are tailored for the individual pet and take into account the pet’s age, lifestyle, geographic location and health status.

You will be an active partner in making vaccination decisions for your pet and Dr. Osborne respects your choices ranging from no vaccines to standard vaccinations. We do offer “routine” vaccinations, however in many cases, she encourages the use of titer testing to determine your pet’s actual need for vaccination. If she finds cause for concern in your pet’s titer results, then she will discuss vaccination options with you. If you and your veterinarian agree that vaccination is appropriate, we will use, when possible, vaccine brands that have been carefully selected for being Thimerosol or Mercury free as well as adjuvant-free.

Integrative Care Center

The Integrative Care Center at Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center & Pet Clinic is our primary practice. This is where clients bring healthy pets for routine wellness care as well as sick or injured pets for treatment.

The Center, which is the only one of its kind in N.E. Ohio offers an integrated approach to pet health and wellness for several reasons. First, clients who recognize that both conventional and alternative medicine can play an important role in the treatment of both sick and well animals are no longer forced to choose between one versus the other. Next, Dr. Osborne has a history of “leading the pack” by offering what we call “high tech holistic” treatments.

Many of the pets who come to Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center are seriously ill. They often don’t have months to experiment with simple herbal and homeopathic remedies. Using very intense, hands-on treatments and newly-emerging non-toxic therapies, we are holistically aggressive in seeking health for your pets. Finally, at Chagrin Falls Veterinary, pets are given the best veterinary care available because Dr. Osborne understands how to bring together the most effective tools from both worlds.

The results she has achieved over the years bear testimony to the healing power of integrated veterinary medicine.

Because clients come to Dr. Osborne from all over the country, you can also access her expertise with both in-person visits and telephone consultations.

Clients also come to the Center for hard to find medications prescribed for their animal by visiting our in-house Pharmacy and Health Products Store. The store offers a wide range of both conventional and holistic medications and many specialized items required for the care of an animal following treatment.

“Intelligent Integration” results in a different but highly effective way to maintain health and heal a sick pet. Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center practices “appropriate medicine”, so you will see everything from purely holistic treatments to conventional solutions. Mostly you will see a thoughtful approach that incorporates pieces of each. Her recommendations are supported by the best in modern diagnostics. You will also see the integrated use of prescription medicines, nutritional therapies, homeopathic remedies, herbs, IV nutrient therapies, homemade and raw diets, laser therapy and specialized non-toxic cancer therapies.

The goal is simple and shared. We do everything in our power to return an ailing animal to good health, or maintain on-going wellness for a healthy pet.

Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center has a true love of animals and we are all gratified by being able to offer a unique therapeutic approach that can maintain top notch health for well pets, restore good quality of daily life to a declining pet, and sometimes even return even seriously sick pets back to full health.

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Pet Wellness Care

It is important to build and maintain a strong foundation for your pet’s health from birth. The immune and organ systems of a healthy pet are much better able to fight off a disease or an illness before it becomes a serious problem. Routine examinations allow us to catch a potential problem well before it becomes serious – as with humans, early detection and diagnosis offer a much better chance for a quick and full recovery.

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About Pet Diets

Pet Food choices are not a matter of right or wrong, black or white. By understanding what is ideal and what is not, we can make intelligent decisions which at least take us ever closer to the ideal. Dr. Osborne actively endorses home-cooked diets, raw diets, high-end Super Premium canned diets, and, for dogs, grain-free kibble diets. If finances, lifestyle or medical conditions dictate the use of other types of diets, she will work with you to find the best possible option.

Dr. Carols Affiliations

The founder and director of the Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center and creator of PAAWS, Pet Anti-Aging Wellness Systems, for dogs and cats. Dr. Carol has pioneered the exploration of new therapies for the treatment and prevention of age-related degenerative disease, as well as promotion of optimum health and performance for pets.

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