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PAAWS™ Pet Vitamins, by veterinarian Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, Natural, USA Made, Patented, AS SEEN ON TV. From her research, she has developed and patented a revolutionary approach to health and wellness that optimizes longevity by putting nature’s most powerful nutrients to work.

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Dr. Carol’s Premium Probiotics with Prebiotics – Cat Formula


Dr. Carol’s Premium Probiotics with Prebiotics – Cat Formula is made from ingredients that are formulated to help your pet when they need it right away. In this supplement, we provide a natural blend of “friendly” bacteria to support intestinal health and balance the digestive system in cats

Dr. Carol’s Premium Probiotics with Prebiotics – Dog Formula


Dr. Carol’s Dog Probiotics contains a patent-pending, USA made, comprehensive, human grade, the plant based blend of 10 essential strains of “friendly” bacteria along with prebiotic Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) beneficial in maintaining your dog’s health and immunity by supporting canine intestinal health and promoting proper digestion.

Dr. Carol’s Digest-Zymes – Dog Formula


Dr. Carol’s Dog Digest-Zymes provides an all-natural, complete, comprehensive, full-spectrum, natural, plant-based digestive enzyme formula for Dogs. Dr. Carol’s Dog Digest-Zymes are a complete pet digestive enzyme product that insures complete digestion and absorption of each nutrient in your dog’s diet at the cellular level.

Dr. Carol’s Complete Liver Essentials – Dog Formula


Dr. Carol’s Complete Dog Liver Essentials contains world-class 100% certified organic nutrients for optimal detoxification, support and rejuvenation of the canine liver and gallbladder. Dog Liver Essentials offers unparalleled liver cleansing, detoxification and support in dogs.

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Holistic Veterinarian, Board Certified Health Diplomat, and author, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, personally answers one or multiple pet questions about your dog or cat’s health care.

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