Dr. Carol - Coronavirus News Flash to our Patients

Dr. Carol – Coronavirus News Flash to our Patients

A quick email to update you on the current protocol we have adopted in the face of the coronavirus concerns that are shared by all. Dr. Carol wants to ensure you that she is taking steps to be extra vigilant all throughout our Veterinary Clinic and has put many safeguards in place to protect our pet patient parents, and our staff.

How to Detect & Avoid Pancreatitis in Dogs

Canine Pancreatitis is severe inflammation of your pet’s pancreas that often occurs as a result of eating too much rich, fatty food and/or getting into the trash. Dogs over indulging on holiday table scraps often end up with indigestion, vomiting and/or diarrhea. These are signs of Pancreatitis. With repeated bouts of inflammation, the pancreas loses…