A BIG shout out to Dr. Carol and her wonderful staff, especially Hallie. Our Golden is just over 13 yrs old, and developed a growth on his mouth/gums. I wish I would have found Dr. Carol years ago, but am so grateful for her compassion, holistic practice, and above and beyond customer service! The herbs/supplements she provided have helped tremendously, and she calls to make sure we understand the tests, and check on Kramer! We want him to be comfortable in his golden years with gentle healing…and she works with us and our beliefs. Highly recommend Dr. Carol!!


Dr.Carol, I just wanted to send thanks for all you guys have done at Chagrin Falls Pet Clinic! From fixing Daisy when I really thought she was not going to make it, to doing checkups on Orwell. I really appreciate everything you guys do. I cannot thank you enough, everyone is so wonderful there! It made me feel confident in the care my animals receive there, ever since the first time I brought in Daisy. That day was by far was one of the scariest and you guys made me feel better by the time I was leaving. Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


Dr. Carol Osborne Holistic Vet Testimonials
Daisy and OrwellKim Daisy and Orwell

We searched on line to find an intigrative veterinarian to treat one of our cats who was suffering complications from diabetes. His skin had become so severely infected that we knew time was running out for him. Our vet did not know what to do for him anymore. We were so fortunate to find Dr. Carol an hour from our home. Spuds improvement was remarkable. Dr. Carol treated him very aggressively, and within a few months, his skin is cleared up, his diabetes is under control, and we have our happy kitty back. We have since taken another one of our cats who has an ongoing autoimmune disorder, and one of our dogs that suffered a disc injury. We have experienced fantastic results with them as well. We would give 10 stars if we could. Dr. Carol and Halle are the best.

Chagrin Falls Pet Clinic Testimonial
Gene & Spud

About 3 months ago, my dog, Burner, and I met Dr. Carol. I had been considering surgery for my dog’s ACL (knee) problem and, just couldn’t subject him to all that it would entail. He’d already been in a knee brace for a month. So, I set out, on the internet, to find a solution. I was looking for a little hope. That’s when I started seeing all kinds of references to Dr. Carol. It appeared this Vet had some interesting ways of dealing with all kinds of pet related medical & whole life issues. And, she was just a car ride away. So, I packed up the boy and set out in search of that hope. The hope that he would have a somewhat normal life, that he would walk, play with his friends, visit his Gramma, enjoy his ball game, just be himself. He had been miserable since June, since the “incident” that lamed him. Upon our arrival, Dr. Carol & Halley got right down to business. They gated him and examined him thoroughly and Dr. assessed his condition. After awhile (seemed like forever) she said “we can help him”. Hope bloomed right in front of me. She had me put him on a special diet, to which we will always adhere, and she sent us home with supplements and holistic oil, for swelling (no more Rimadyl or Deramaxx, EVER!!!). She showed me some different massage techniques and, specific instructions on what the next month of his life would be like (first month of 3).

My gratitude for restoring my boy, Burner, to his happy, playful self and, giving Rayne her youth back! I’ve NEVER seen anything like these two. After the method that you had me employ, it only took 3 months for the boy to get sound on his knee. He can play in his yard, again. And, the gray that covered the girl’s muzzle, has been banished by her beautiful black!!! I feel empowered with the knowledge that you gave me, to help them live their best lives in the long run. But, most of all Dr. Carol, I want to thank you for restoring my hope.

-Jude J.

BurnerReiki Master & Animal Intuitive

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Which ones are necessary? How often should they be given? When I received my annual list of vaccinations from my traditional vet for my baby boy Jackson (2yr old Doxie mix) I knew I needed to reach out to ask for help in understanding which vaccinations were right for us. Today, I saw Dr.Carol Osbourne. Dr. Carol took the time to explain each of the vaccinations, the value of each based on my pets lifestyle, the difference between 1yr vaccinations vs new 3yr (or longer) vaccinations, the value of titer testing, and which vaccinations could cause dangerous side effects. This was just what I was looking for! I feel confident in my decision for the vaccinations that I chose. Thank you Dr Carol!

DebbieReiki Master & Animal Intuitive

I took my put bull mix rescue dog to Dr. Carol for a recurring rash outbreak on her chest which barely had any hair on it and was always reddened. My traditional vet treated her repeatedly with antibiotics and steroid injections. It never seemed to completely go away. I finally got “desperate” and searched for a veterinarian with a different philosophy. Ella got a thorough and unhurried examination by Dr Carol and one of the first questions she asked me was “What are you feeding her”? I thought I had her on a good quality, grain free food. But Dr Carol encouraged me to try a raw diet. I was reluctant at first; Ella is a picky eater, and it was more expensive. But she was invited to sample the food right there in the office, and she gobbled it up! Next we had instructions to bathe her with specific ingredients one time, and we started her on vitamins. Well, what a difference these changes have made. It’s been just over six months and she looks like a different dog- one with beautiful white hair on her chest and the problem has not recurred once. And she is no longer picky! She loves the SOJOS food and all the vegetables she gets as added “treats”. I am so glad I found Dr. Carol; I really appreciate her natural and sensible approach to canine health and how she is available if I have questions. It’s nice to once again have confidence in my dogs health care provider!

Jan D

Arwen and Aragorn, It is hard to believe that this video shows our 10 year old female German shepherd, Arwen who has been given back the energy and health she enjoyed as a puppy. As you can see, she is running with the same fluid and joyful demeanor of a much younger dog and this is the direct result of the work of Dr. CarolOsborne and her daughter Halle at the Chagrin Falls Vet Clinic. When we first took our two German Shepherds to her, we had tried a number of conventional vets and while there was nothing apparently wrong with Arwen and conventional vets gave her a clean bill of health, it was obvious to us that she was no longer able to easily jump in and out of our car, jump on our bed or bound effortlessly up and down stairs and she tired noticeably on long walks. She had trouble sleeping through the night and was restless and easily alarmed.


Arwen had always been fa
irly trim for a large dog, normally weighing about 85 pounds which the vets told us was just fine. She had gained weight due in part to being less active and was 90 pounds when we first took her to see Dr. Carol. After a thorough examination and blood work, Dr.Carol amazed us by saying that if we gave her 6 months, we would have a new dog! By changing Arwen’s diet and adding daily supplements to help balance her metabolism, the Arwen today that you see in the video is a happy, active, healthy 71 pounds and able to run and jump at will. She sleeps much better and is not restless or easily agitated and just much more pleasant to have around. I should mention that all this took far less than 6 months.

Hard to believe but the evidence is clear. We actually took Aragorn, our twelve year old male German shepherd, Arwen’s half-brother to Dr. Carol first as he was really struggling with the mobility in his hind quarters and we had been given various potential diagnosis’ for his condition, ranging from hip dysplasia and arthritis to degenerative neuropathy. While it was evident that something was seriously wrong with Aragorn, following the same plan of adjusting his diet and adding supplements, Aragorn’s quality of life showed a dramatic positive increase.

Aragorn was always significantly larger than Arwen, normally weighing just over 100lbs and had recently started to hit 105lbs. As Dr. Carol balanced him out, his weight dropped to 87lbs, and his ability to walk and even run, go up and down stairs and get in and out of the car returned in proportion to his weight loss. Unfortunately, it was discovered by Dr. Carol that the cause of all this was due to a fast growing tumor which conventional vets completely missed. Dr. Carol and her daughter Halle were very kind and helped us with the decision to allow Aragorn to pass on in the same manner as he had lived his life. German Shepherds are a warrior breed, with an innate desire to serve their pack and suffer greatly when unable to do so.


Through their efforts, Aragorn was able to enjoy a new quality of life for his remaining time with us and when the time came, he passed peacefully. Regardless of what type of dog you have or what age they are, we encourage you to invest in their future health and well-being by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Carol at the clinic as soon as possible, like us, you will amazed and thrilled with the results and your dog will thank you. Best regards, Bill and Janet Kilcullen

Bill and Janet Kilcullen

My name is Billy Bower. I had been going to a regular veterinarian all my life. I was very scratchy , itchy and could not lose weight. They could not figure out what was wrong with me. Finally my sister Vicky took me to see Dr. Carol Osborne, she diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism and put me on Thyroid Medication, a special diet & her special vitamins and I am already feeling better. It has only been a week and I have lost one pound and are feeling much better and looking forward to my full recovery!

Billy Bower

Dr. Carol is extremely helpful, patient and kind. She is thorough, detailed, focused and she really understands animals. Her holistic approach is very well balanced. She is passionate about her work and her love of animals is very apparent. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer all of my friends and family to her practice. Your furry friends will be in the best of hands! Thank you Dr. Carol Love, Praise and Herbie the Dachshund

Praise Vaughn & HerbieInformed Fitness

Our two four legged kids, Sassy and Bentley have a new lease on life thanks to Dr. Carol. The change was noticeable within only 2 weeks of our initial visit. Our pups didn’t appear over weight to us, just a little “thick” but Dr. Carol clearly let us know that bringing them both to a healthier weight would do wonders for both of them.

Our older guy, Bentley is 9 years old and was starting to have some dementia type symptoms. He was standing and just staring off into space and would go out and tinkle on the driveway rather than go to the grass, he just wasn’t our same vibrant and playful boy – he seemed distant and sad. Bentley weighed around 100 pounds at our initial visit and is now a healthy 87 pounds. Dr. Carol had us change his diet (I felt horrible as I thought the raw diet and grain free kibble we were feeding were quality, I was so wrong).

Their coats should have been an indicator now that I think about it. They were always getting dander shortly after bathing them, which I did regularly. Now that we are feeding a true healthy diet and one that accommodates each dog: Sassy was having some stomach upset on raw so we feed her cooked chicken and Bentley remains on the raw Stella and Chewy’s along with added veggies and in addition to Dr. Carol’s Health and Wellness AM and PM Complex. They now have mental clarity, their coats are clean and dander free and they are SO soft! In fact our family couldn’t stop commenting on how silky Bentley felt when they were petting him this past Christmas Eve. I shared with them our story and they got to see what we are feeding them when it came to the dog’s dinner time – they were amazed! And this is the first time ever, that Sassy has a waist! She has lost around 8 pounds. Having a pet with a healthy weight, just like us, makes such a difference.

Dr. Carol and Halle, her daughter and wonderful assistant, make you feel welcome and are always happy to answer your questions when you are at the office. Dr. Carol will also call to follow up and see how things are going at home and will answer any questions you have. I am very proactive in our dog’s health and wellness – kind of a passion of mine and Dr. Carol has never made me feel like I am overstepping my boundaries with my questions or concerns. In fact she actually works with me and has made me feel more a part of our pups “wellness team” which is such a blessing to me. I don’t want to leave out this very important part: Bentley started having some issues with increased water consumption and with that he became a frequent flyer to having to go out every other hour. This made for some very rough nights. But yet, he kept testing negative for a urinary tract infection and his blood work came back perfect too. Dr. Carol went above and beyond to look into all the possibilities of why this was happening and did in fact find the problem. She is a stone turner and we are so blessed to have her in our back yard!

Thank you Dr Carol for all you do for us and our pets – we know we are always in the best of hands. Mary Z. Streetsboro, OH

Mary's Dogs Bentley and Sassy
Mary Z

Dr. Carol has been a God send to me and Mandy, my 12-year-old Rat Terrier. A year ago, Mandy was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and protein losing protein losing nephropathy (PLN). I consulted with several vets to see what we could do for Mandy. Everyone told me the same thing: It’s a progressive disease. There’s nothing we can do to cure it. Put her on a low-protein diet and treat her symptoms.

Then, Hallelujah, I found Dr. Carol. She’s the only vet who gave me hope that Mandy could be stabilized and perhaps Mandy could live several more years with me. She’s the only one who said, “Mandy can get better.” Dr. Carol took great interest in Mandy, her condition, and finding ways to overcome her nausea, her loss of appetite, and numerous other symptoms. She combined conventional medicine with non-mainstream medicine. She checked with me regularly to see how Mandy was doing. (How many vets do that?)

After a few months with Dr. Carol, Mandy is now better. No more vomiting. Improved appetite. Good energy. And Mandy’s BUN and creatinine numbers have come way down. Thank you, Dr. Carol. You are one in a million. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know if Mandy would still be alive today. Your fan and grateful forever, Kay Van Hoesen

Kay Van Hoesen & Mandy12-year-old Rat Terrier

Dr. Carol has done an amazing job with both of my dogs! She’s caring, compassionate and “all about the animals”. If you expect the type of vet that gives a shot and sends you on your way, this isn’t the place for you or your pet. She spends a lot of time with the animals and educates you about what she’s doing and why; how you can better take care of your pet. She is very open and experienced in alternative medicine and her follow-up phone calls for even a routine exam were a pleasant surprise. I am very impressed!

Carol G & her dogs Oz & Holly

Dr. Carol is fabulous! She is the most knowledgeable veterinarian I have ever been to. She saved my dog’s life after another vet incorrectly diagnosed his condition. Dr. Carol used her wealth of knowledge to correctly diagnose his condition and by using a combination of homeopathic and traditional medical practices returned him to the happy, healthy dog he always was. She is thorough, compassionate and caring. My dog knows he has a friend in Dr. Carol.

Sally Harrold & Bentley

A Peke Pup, (of Purple Peke), and I met Dr Caro yesterday. She is an amazing, passionate person who takes time to explain things to you in a simple, straight forward way you can understand. She offers alternatives with no pressure in what decision you will ultimately make regarding the care for your pet. Dr Carol believes in natural care for pets and is very knowledgeable. Her book, Dr. Carol’s Naturally Healthy Dogs is a great read in easy to understand language. The Peke Pups have found their new medical advisor. If you are seeking alternatives to mainstream vet care, The Peke Pups and Mom recommend Dr Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center & Pet Clinic with Dr. Carol Osborne

Holly & Buki

Dr. Osborne treated my 13 week female American Eskimo puppy Indie Mo after she was severely mauled and repeatedly bitten by another dog. She stitched her up and treated her wounds and prescribed a diet to help heal her wounds and injuries which resulted in a full recovery. Now she is Indie Mo’s permanent vet. you couldn’t find a more compassionate or knowledgeable vet on the planet in my opinion.

Barry & his dog Indie Mo!!

I have a 7 yo. dachshund who IS part of our family, just like your beloved pets. We try to provide the best health care for him and promptly attend to any problems he may encounter. He has had ongoing skin issues for about 5 years, itching, infections etc. I have had him to 4 vet clinics up to this summer without any solutions. One even told me that dachshunds just itch and get infections, and to just live with it! My neighbor told me about Dr. Carol Osborne and her Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center. I called and made an appointment for Rusty. She assessed him and asked many questions about his food, his meds etc and what type care he had received in the past. After testing it was discovered he had Cushings Disease, which is not uncommon for dogs in the 6 to 8 year range. She changed his heartworm meds from the brand most advertised in most vet offices and also the most expensive to a simple liquid I put on his skin once a month. I picked up some Paaws vitamins from her and began feeding him a food she sold in her clinic; however took her advice and cook chicken and vegetables for him. I cook once every 10 days to 2 weeks in the crock pot and freeze his food then parcel it out for him at mealtime. If I am in a hurry, then he gets the dry bag food. He loves the food and is eating 2 to 3 times what he was before and is Loosing weight, which was one of his issues. I give him his meds for the Cushings plus his vitamins and you can NOT believe the change in this dog. Recently I took him in for an ear infection, which he seldom ever gets. She treated him right away. The next day she called to check up on him. This is something she does a lot. This vet REALLY CARES about your pet. I will never take him anywhere else. Dr. Osborne has been a Godsend to us and as for Rusty, well, he is a brand new dog. His fur is smooth like rabbit fur, his yeast infections are gone, he’s loosing weight and his skin is clearing up and he rarely itches himself anymore. I challenge you to find a better, more caring veterinarian anywhere. I seriously do not think you will find one. Thank you Dr. Carol !!!

Daniel Brown & Rusty


I started Shana on your product on October first and have truly noticed improvements. When we spoke on the phone back then you suggested an automatic reorder program. How does that work?

Thank you for your assistance.



I had Amos neutered last November and he’s put on pounds ever since, despite less feed. I had him on NSAIDs for pain relief and all he would do then is sleep. I started him on your products, cut back on the NSAIDs and Amos is now on the move. On our two short walks daily, he’ll sniff around and stuff while I go on ahead. Then he RUNS to catch up with me. He runs on ahead, voluntarily! Hopefully, he can lose enough weight to eliminate the NSAIDs altogether. I’m tempted to try your product myself, but I’m no liver lover. Amos, however, will almost start drooling when I shake the bottle.




I am not sure if you remember me, my name is Linda and we talked previously about my dog Bayer who has Addisons Disease. We have been using your vitamins for the past several weeks and it seems that Bayer’s spirits are up and he is a bit calmer in the evening. However, his back end is still quite weak. Do you have any other suggestions that would help increase his strength? Our vet has reduced Bayer’s Prednisone down to twice a week, because of the weight he has put on.


Heidi & Schatzie

I agree wholeheartedly with the testimonials. YOUR product is a truly beneficial product for any owner of a pet that they think the world of and want their pet to have a happy lengthily life for as long as possible. Yes, the dog on my e-mail message is cute and I wouldn’t mind having another pet, however she was not one of my girls. Unfortunately they did not have any schnauzers that I could use. I have two schnauzers: Heidi, (Black) and Schatzie (Salt & Pepper). They’re our little girls and we want them around and in good health for as long as possible. Schatzie is diabetic and before taking your supplement her appetite was not so good. Now she eats her food and then licks Heidi’s bowl. She’s just 17 pounds- just a little thing.

P.S. While we were out East visiting our daughter, my husband spread the PAAWS-VITALIFE word to any and all dog owners we met. Give them your card and told them that your product is terrific and that they should think of trying the product.

Carol and Fred


I just wanted you to know that I giving my dog Toby the PAAWS-Vitalife AM/PM formula with a little peanut butter and he is now “gobbling” it up! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier!!! He has been on the full dosage of the AM/PM for -4 days now and I really think he feels better. He has more energy and his Appetite has improved tremendously. I’ll wait for a few more weeks to make sure, after that, if I still feel is has improved, I will let you know. Thanks again for following up with the phone call last week. I appreciate your concern.



I am sending you an update on how PAAWS-Vitalife has helped our dog, Chica. This dog does have Cushings, as well as thyroid problems. Her undercoat is about all the hair she has… and her back legs cannot jump up the way they once did. He is able to go up and down steps, and I am sure that is thanks to your tablets… I have discontinued Derma and am using Vitalife instead. My dog is better with it than without but considering she has Cushings I think she is doing the best she can.

Thank you for your explanation on the AM/PM… Our Chica has been taking PAAWS-Vitalife for some time now. It has enabled her to keep climbing stairs and basically keep walking around! She has plenty of zest for life, and lots of enthusiasm, thanks to PAAWS-Vitalife.



Thank you Dr. Carol. I received my order of PAAWS-Vitalife today in the mail. Rachel is such a finicky eater. I have to boil chicken for her and grind it. She eats it sparingly. I discovered that anything in larger chunks will not digest. Ground food will. But, it has to taste good, too. We discovered an ulcer 2 months ago. She was very ill then and almost died. Last fall she had pancreatitis, then 2 months ago she quit eating, began throwing up, having black, tarry stools, and we found the ulcer. Then a couple of weeks later, a huge dog came into our yard, picked her up and shook her violently. She was not hurt badly, but one of the dog’s teeth did sink into he upper back. It didn’t hit an organ or a bone. She was very sore for days. Now, this has happened.

Additionally, I found a story on the Internet about a dog that was in Rachel’s condition, except he’d been given 48 hours to live. Long story short, the vet asked the owners if they thought their tap water was poisonous turns out it had high salt content which contributed to shutting down the dog’s kidneys. They put the dog on distilled water, he Iived past the 48 hours and lived 4 years longer. I rushed to my vet’s office and gave them the information and they admitted never having thought of it. They ran an electrolyte test and said that they weren’t out of whack, but there were a couple of other tests that showed that it was possible, though not conclusive, that perhaps this could be a contributing factor to Rachel’s situation. We put her on distilled water and Vitalife

The vet said that her tests were slightly better than before–not to get too excited, but they weren’t at all worse, and they were a tad better. The day before he had told me that it was almost hopeless. So, we decided to give her distilled water and Vitalife from now on just in case.

Thank you so much. I’ll keep you posted. If you have any other ideas don’t hesitate to advise me. Rachel is the most important thing in my life. I love her so much. She has been my constant companion for 11 years, and it’s absolutely killing me to see this happening to her.



Thanks Dr. Carol…You and your PAAWS-VitaLife product are awesome!!!! My dog Jagger is 14 years old now and somebody just asked me if he was a puppy!!! I just had to write to tell you that!



Update on my dog Walker:

We have decreased Walker to ½ the dose of Rimadyl (only 1 pill in the am and none in pm) for 7 days and he is doing fine. In fact, there seems to be an increase in his “puppy like” activity. He’s a little more frisky, wants to play more; he can get up from lying down just fine, and runs with ease.




Our dog Earl is not just a family pet, he is a family member. Earl is ten years old. Over the past few years has suffered from terrible allergies and has become increasingly sluggish. After talking to you, we realized the importance of adding high quality vitamins to his diet. However, because of his many allergies, I was hesitant about placing an order until I knew exactly what was in the vitalife formula. I called and left you a voice-mail describing my questions and concerns. I never expected that it would actually be you who would call me back. We had a great conversation and your knowledge of, and concern for, animals really impressed me! That combined with our assurance that the formula contained no poultry or rice convinced me to place an order. We noticed a difference in Earl after the first week. He has been taking PAAWS-VitaLife for one month now, and we’ve noticed great improvement. He exhibits more energy on his morning walks and at playtime. This is the first summer in about four years that he has not had to go for monthly allergy shots.

Earl is a very satisfied customer… so are we!

Thank you

Michelle and Gary


My name is Debbie and I have been using your product for my 7 year old Vizsla, Janie. I just wanted to let you know, she is doing very well. We have been walking 2.5 miles every night and both she and my younger dog are really enjoying it!

Thanks so much



I have 2 Shih Tzu’s, 10 1/2 years old,and ordered your PAAWS-Vitalife AM / PM Wellness System, hoping to help my Shih Tzu that has Cushing’s Disease. I really was skeptical, but decided to try it. Well Dr. Carol, I am so glad I did, because I cannot believe the turn around in this dog. She is so frisky, even in the evening, and has more energy than the other dog. She also had flaky, dry skin, and now that has cleared up. So I have decided to put my second dog on this regiment. I really believe in your product and I know my second dog will benefit also.

The only other comment I have is to say “Thank You.”



My cat Dusty is now 21 years old and has been on your product for 2 years. He is doing wonderfully on your PAAWS-Vitalife product.

Thank you



Thank you for returning my call. “Winky” my cat is a twelve year old tabby. A picture of her is attached. We adopted her as a stray years ago and she had been injured. She lost her eye as a result of that injury, but has been healthy otherwise. She breaks out in hotspots once as year, and I wanted to try a vitamin/mineral supplement that mighty ease here comfort or prevent it totally. As you know I just placed my second order for Vitalife “Winky” is playful and energetic her hotspots have cleared up and she is happy.

Thank you Dr. Carol



I don’t usually take the time to write this type of letter, but I have to give credit where credit is due. I heard about your product while house hunting in Florida this spring and said what the heck. My German Shepard is 13 years old and was really showing the effects of his age. Last summer he had two ACL operations on his back knees. He was becoming Arthritic quickly and severely. I started him on the PAAWS-Vitalife regiment the day I received them, and within 30 days I saw a marked difference, within 60 days I couldn’t believe the progress. Today and every day I leave for work he is waiting for me with two tennis balls in his mouth, the same when I get home. I sent some pictures so you could see for yourself. Thanks Doc.



I’m writing to you today to say “Thank-You” for your untiring dedication to improving the quality of life for my cat, Charlie.

You have been “Charlie’s” vet for over ten years. In that time you have made sure he got his yearly shots, groomed and kept him in good shape. Sadly, when Charlie turned 10 (70 in cat years) he began to show signs of aging. He started limping on his left front paw, he had trouble jumping up onto the bed or chair, his energy and playfulness declined. I was very worried. Charlie was part of my family and I hated to see him in pain!

After examining you explained to me that as our pet’s age (just like humans) they can suffer various old age diseases. We discussed changing Charlie’s diet and adding in your all-natural “PAAWS-VitaLife” nutritional supplements.

In two short weeks I saw a dramatic improvement in Charlie’s energy, he stopped limping, he was once again able to jump up on the bed and chairs, he would chase around outside and seemed his old lovable self!

That was over a year ago, and we still have Charlie here to enjoy every day.

Dr. Carol, thank-you for your dedication to improving our pet’s life with your “PAAWS-VitaLife” nutritional support program.



My 13 year old arthritic dog was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and I had tried treating him with Selegiline with brief success, but then his symptoms seemed to reappear. As a scientist I did my own research and decided to try him on phosphatidylserine before going with the next, more severe option of killing off his adrenal gland tissue chemically. I was concerned however about his joint problems getting worse once he was no longer as sedated as the Selegiline had kept him. I bought your PAAWSproduct as support to complement his treatment with phosphatidylserine. It has been a year and I have been very pleased with his energy, activity capability and coat. Before I began the new treatment his coat was tacky and brittle feeling, now it is almost as silky as before he got sick. He sleeps through the night and enjoys play with me and my other dog which had stopped while he was on the Selegeline. His companyhas always beenvery important to me, but more so this last year as I was diagnosed with Breast Cancerlast May and don’t think I could have handled losing him as well. I know we would not have done this well without your product!

Thank you so much for supporting us through this year!

Patti C


I just wanted to bring you up to date on my cat “Nutty”. I spoke to you on the phone in regards to my cat that has a cancerous tumor on her face. You told me the formula was on back order. Out of the kindness of your heart, you made up a special order and got it to me immediately.

Nutty has also been much active since being put on the PAAWS-Vitalife AM/PM formula for the past month. He just had pre-op blood work done (they have to reduce the tumor again) and my Vet told us that all her functions (kidneys, liver, etc.) are excellent and cannot find any movement of the cancer in her system. She will have the tumor operated on Tuesday of next week. We’re hoping the surgery goes well. We have started our other cat on the PAAWS-Vitalife formula and see increases in her activity level. Appetites are terrific. I haven’t had a hard time of administering the formula. I just crush it and mix it in their food.

I am about to order more of the PAAWS-Vitalife AM/PM formula and that is what reminded me to let you know how Nutty was doing. I will update you further after her surgery.

Best Regards



I have a little Pomeranian called Sara. Sara went totally blind. She become very depressed and just laid around. My daughter worked at the radio station and heard about Dr. Osbome, DVM, so I asked my daughter to call her and tell her about my dog, Sara. We talked and she sent her PAAWS-Vitalife AM&PM Formula. I started to see improvement after a week or two. Her sight is back and she is now chasing birds and lizards. She is better now then ever. We are so happy for her and she is a very happy dog again. I am sending you a picture of her.

Thank you



My Basset Hound Buddy is 13 years old and weighs 57 pounds. He continues to show wonderful signs of improved health and I plan to send you his picture.

Thank you, thank you, for this wonderful product!



I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to speak with me this morning. As I said in my telephone call, when my Samoyed began walking with a slight limp, I became concerned. I knew she was getting on in years, but I still wanted desperately to help her. I took her to my veterinarian who said to give her aspirin once a day. At first it seemed to help, but not for long. Soon she was not able to get up and down the deck steps to go out into the yard. We built a ramp for her so she could get in and out of the house easier. Then one Saturday morning I heard you talking about PAAWS-Vitalife on the radio. I didn’t have much faith, but I knew I had to try. It was amazing! My dog that had required a ramp to get up the steps was now trotting around the yard. Her coat began to look healthier, her appetite increased and it was clear that she was feeling better. She actually chose the side of the deck that did not have a ramp. I know your PAAWS-Vitalife product helped my 14 year old Samoyed live a much happier life. I only wish I had discovered it sooner. I am a true believer and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I ever get another dog I will certainly use your product again. I have recommended it to everyone I know.



Thank you, Dr. Carol, for your wonderful product that has indeed given our 17 year old Maltese such a dramatically improved quality of life. In the spring, he was barely able to walk. His left, hind paw gave out regularly. He was so obviously in pain from his arthritis, having his back all hunched and sleeping most of the day. The improvement, though gradual, was consistent and obvious. He now goes for several walks a day, happily, with no problem with his hind paw. He still sleeps a lot of the day but he is old after all but when he is awake, he is happy, alert and has moments of acting like a puppy again. He even engages our younger dog into having play fights on a regular basis! I will keep Cuddles on Vitalife as long as he is with us. I don’t ever want him to go without it since he is doing so well.



I started Meeka on Paaws vitamins for pets about 6 months ago. At that time she was sleeping about 20 hours a day. For a (2) two year old this is not good. Meeka had 3 surgeries on her back legs within a 5 month period. Meeka is a party-colored long haired Pomeranian and does not handle anesthetic well. Meeka started having other problems acid reflux then pancreatitis. She was weak and could not walk more then 1/2 block.

While checking out pet sites on the computer I ran across Dr Carol’s web site. I bought the Paaws vitamins and started Meeka on them within a few weeks I could see improvement in Meeka she slept less (only needed 3 naps of 1 hour or more a day) I called Dr Carol and told her how pleased I was with the vitamins and asked what else I could do to help Meeka The Vet that I had been working with had given Meeka some vomiting pills and I didn’t feel they helped do anything except make her tired. Those were stopped and Dr Carol prescribed Digest-Zymes and Probiotics. Within a few weeks there was more improvement and Meeka started digesting her food easier. Now Meeka eats 1/4 cup of chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots and rice two times a day with a turkey breast treat around noon Meeka rests after each meal about an hour to digest and needs only about an hour sleep in the afternoon

Meeka can walk about 1 1/2 mile Play and she is back for another session with her friend Clyde (snoodle mix) in agility. If it wasn’t for Dr. Carol and her knowledge we wouldn’t have all the great products for our pets that work and make the pets healthier..

Jan S.


I just wanted to give you an update on my precious dog, Flower. She is doing great! Remember when I ordered the Dr. Carol’s Vitalife I said I had a feeling she was going to die since she was so mopey? Well now she is much more social and interactive! She has a bit more energy, although she is no where close to flying around the backyard! Her tail is always wagging. I did accidentally forget to give her Rimadyl for a day. Her ankle ballooned up, so she still needs that. We have had a lot of issues with Flower using the basement rather than going outside to do her business. That has drastically changed in the past couple of weeks. She still does it, but not constantly like before. She previously had an issue with going outside, particularly in the cold. Although she isn’t all the way there yet, we have noticed a huge leap!

So your Vitalife seems to be helping her. Maybe when the weather warms up she can be weaned off the Rimadyl.

Thanks for your help!



I picked up some of your Dr. Carol’s Vitalife for my dog Wheatley 2 weeks ago. I’m happy to say that my husband and I both see an improvement. She seems more energetic, instead of sleeping the evening away she pays attention to what’s going on and tries to steal her brother’s chewies. She’s also hopping up the stairs again (at least halfway) where she was walking up before. I’ve also noticed that her fur and eyes seem to look better.



You called last week to check on our dog, Tucker, asking for feedback. I have to admit I was very skeptical of your claims and product. However, my mother-in-law swore your product added three years to their dog’s life. It took us a couple of years, but we tried what she had left over from their dog. Within a matter of days we noticed a change in Tucker. He was getting up and down with more ease. He seemed so much spunkier and happier.

I am now a believer! I am now also ordering more than one month at a time because I know your product works. I forgot to mention that Tucker has even put weight back on. He feels so good that he is eating every day. It is important to mention that we haven’t changed ANYTHING else in Tucker’s medications for diet. We only added PAAWS.

Thank you so much for putting the life back into our aging dog. He is going to be 13 in July, but he acts like he did 6 or 7 years ago!



Our 6-pound Yorkie, Murphy, is 13 years old and he suffers from arthritis and cataracts, in addition to some other ailments. We believe he is beginning to have a little dementia, too. We started him on your Dr. Carol’s PAAWS-Vitalife (the senior formula) 5 days ago. It may be my imagination but he seems more alert, active and he does not seem to be limping as badly as he was. One more thing: the breath bones are a hit. His teeth are very bad, despite cleanings and brushings. So he has a difficult time chewing treats that are big and hard. However he keeps working at the ones that we got with your product shipment until he is able to break it and eat it. They must be great tasting.

Thank you for your quick response and you personal attention. I am sure that you have heard this numerous times. Murphy is our baby and it breaks my heart to see him hurting. I want to have a good quality of life for as long as he lives.



My dog Razzle is beginning his second month of your Dr. Carol’s PAAWS-Vitalife. He is a 12 year old Rottweiler mix and was having trouble going up and down stairs and was not playing as much as he always did. After about 3 weeks on PAAWS-Vitalife, he began to show more interest in playing with his toys. In fact, he now often goes into what I call the “play stance” with the front of his body down low and is hind quarters in the air and his tail wagging. You see this in puppies all the time.

He is still a little slow on the stairs but overall he is much more energetic. Now he runs and plays in the back yard, instead of just slowly walking around looking at the trees.

I am so happy I think your PAAWS-VitaLife will help my dog to enjoy a better quality of life in his senior years.



I started my 1 year old adopted little fellow Quincy on PAAWS about a month ago. He is on a raw diet and is thriving! But more importantly, all of his ear infections have disappeared and his coat is absolutely astounding. I attribute this to the combination of his diet AND your marvelous product.
When I saw the great sale going on for your products I hastily ordered the PAAWS™ original without hesitation. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

Quincy came into my life after my sweet Yuki left this planet after five wonderful years of being treated like a king. We adopted him knowing he was blind, deaf, no teeth and enlarged heart. Our vet gave him one year…he was with us 5. If only I had investigated your PAAWS™ product 5 years ago who knows how lucky we would have been? Now, with Quincy, well, the sky’s the limit. He was adopted as a neglected little fellow with very little meat on his bones. Now I can say, he not only has some major muscle, but I can say with confidence that he is the healthiest little fellow in our town!!!

Katie H


I had just about given up on Cuddles my 17 year old Maltese who weighs about ten pounds. It’s only been a few days and he is already doing better. He seems to have more energy and his bowels are moving well and he is even barking again for me to let him outside for him to do his business. He prances around the yard for a few minutes now and is spending less time sleeping. This is only after a few days. He is still bumping into things so he seems to be doing better physically than cognitively. Thank you for your concern about Cuddles and your patience with me. It is wonderful that you are willing to work with me to help my senior dog have a better quality of life.

Thanks again



My name is Ted W. We live in Rochester Hills, Michigan. We’ve been using Dr. Carol’s PAAWS™-Vitalife™ product now for about six months and I can not tell you the difference in our golden retriever named Kelsey. She had no energy and just wanted to lie around. I want her to be around for many more years. You have a customer, as long as Kelsey is alive.

Keep up the good work!

P.S. Her extra energy has also helped her lose 14 pounds.

Ted W.

Roc “Ann”

My English Bulldog, Roc “Ann”, has been taking PAAWS™ for dogs since he was 7 years old. Many people, including a few veterinarians, have told me that a bulldog’s life expectancy is typically between 8-10 years. Well, I am proud to tell you that Roc Ann was 13 years old this past October! I truly feel that taking PAAWS™ vitamins is what has helped prolong Roc Ann’s life. He is my best friend and companion and I am so grateful that he is still here. I will continue to give him the vitamins and will recommend your product to all my fellow dog and cat owners. Thank you so much for making a product that has made it possible for me to enjoy my dog much longer than I could ever have expected.



George has been taking your Dr. Carol’s PAAWS™-Vitalife™ for a week and a half now and the results have been very positive. He is walking and even running a bit, carrying his bunnies and bones around and pretty much acting like his old self. My husband is amazed and just shakes his head. He was ready to put George “away” but I convinced him to let me try just one more thing, please. Hooray!!

Thanks so much for helping him.

Pam B.

Sweet Pea

She’s a long-haired dachshund mix. She was born in the summer of 1990, which makes her a little over 13 years old. Before using your products, she seemed lethargic and slower and her fur was feeling dry. Now her fur is smooth and soft and she plays with our youngest dog on occasion. She is a very smart dog and sweet. The reason I bought your product was to help her feel better and enjoy life more.

Thank you Dr. Carol!



Luke, our 9 year old collie is back to normal on his kidney values. He is acting like himself again running and playing with Princess our younger female collie. I give you all the credit and your vitamins are fantastic. He took the kidney support and the senior PAAWS vitamins as prescribed and he looks great! He weighed in at 83 lbs at the vet and I will call you again when I find out the exact lab values. So he actually put on some weight so I am going to increase his activity level a bit. It is so hot in Florida so we have to take walks in the evening. Luke has to keep up with Princess because she is a spitfire! Did I tell you? She is the granddaughter of Dakota the collie that did all the stunts in the latest Lassie Come Home movie that was filmed in Ireland with Peter O’Toole. She came to us on a plane from Salt Lake City when she was 14 wks old. Well thanks again and keep in touch. I sent you some pictures. There was one funny picture I call Google eyes. It was taken when Luke was a bit younger-I think 4-5 yrs old. I think you will immediately notice it. It is hilarious!

The whole family cannot thank you enough! Luke is more himself and we are all so happy that he is still with us. Princess is happier too because Luke is able to play with her again. When I was so upset about Luke you were like an angel reassuring me that I will never forget that-it meant so much to me. Not only is your product wonderful but you are too. The emotional support you give and professional input was so appreciated-words could never express how much. You can surely use a picture for your website-I would love that. You are a genius and a great asset to veterinary medicine! Thanks again! God Bless!


Patti C