PAAWS™ is a revolutionary vitamin system for dogs and cats. Developed and patented by world renowned holistic veterinarian and author, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM and recommended by a top team of animal health specialists for dogs and cats of all ages, PAAWS™ combines natural ingredients with the benefits of essential Vitamins and Minerals.

Your dog and cat are aging 7 times faster than you… As we age, supplements can help reduce the signs of aging, restore our vitality, improve our quality of life and promote good health. There are special formulations for Men and Women of all ages… So, why not give a chance at these benefits to all the members of our family: Human AND Canine AND Feline?

PAAWS™ AM/PM Formula Given in the morning, the PAAWS™ AM formula provides energizers to prepare your pet for the day ahead. The PAAWS PM formula, taken at bedtime, calms your pet naturally and helps to maintain a level of vitamins throughout the night. Both formulas work together to help fight fatigue, defend against immune system deficiencies and restore and maintain your pet’s energy levels.

PAAWS™ Has Been Designed For Your Pet! Nutritional and supplemental requirements can vary based on not only the time of day, but also by the size and age of your pet. To ensure dogs and cats of different sizes and ages receive optimum results, PAAWS has formulated its system into three parts — one for puppy’s and kittens, one for adults and another for senior dogs and cats that can be dispensed in dosages based on the size of your pet. When you order, we’ll help you learn which is right for your pet.

Top 10 PAAWS™ Benefits
  • PAAWS™ is a revolutionary vitamin system for dogs and cats
  • Renews Playfulness
  • Reduces Allergies & Itching
  • Improves Life Quality
  • Combats Free Radicals
  • Restores Mobility
  • Relieves Arthritis Pain
  • Reduces Vet Bills
  • Restores Energy
  • You would need to buy 12 different over-the-counter supplements to match the ingredients found in PAAWS™ treats
PAAWS Pet Products

PAAWS™ Pet Vitamins, by veterinarian Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, Natural, USA Made, Patented, AS SEEN ON TV. From her research, she has developed and patented a revolutionary approach to health and wellness that optimizes longevity by putting nature’s most powerful nutrients to work.

Made in USA
Natural Ingredients
Patented Formula
As Seen on TV

carolsmallerDr. Carol Osborne, DVM

Integrative Veterinarian

Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center & Pet Clinic with Dr. Carol Osborne. Located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio at 530 East Washington Street. Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center & Pet Clinic is operated by Veterinarian & Pet Celebrity Dr. Carol Osborne, the Integrative Pet Wellness Center offers traditional & natural alternative pet health products & therapies for dogs & cats.

PAAWS™ Testimonials

I am so glad to have found you and your great product!!  It really has saved THE ENTIRE FAMILY’S LIFE when you come to think about it!

Sarah ( Lou, Cookie, Twinkie)Seattle

Nothing comes close to the results we personally have experienced with Dr. Carol’s Paaws pet vitamins

Joe B.Kansas

I cannot believe it but both my two dogs really like the taste of your Paaws Vitamins! You definitely proved me wrong as I have very picky dogs.  They have NEVER eaten a chewable vitamin or anything like this before!

PJMiami Beach, Florida

She has loads of energy, and loves her walks. She continues to walk, run, jump and play like a puppy until we actually have to turn her around and steer towards home. It is so good to see the life back in her. Thank you for your wonderful product. We will keep Chloe on Paaws forever!!!!

Wendy W.Irvine, California

Shirley our 15 year old Siamese has not had any more seizures so far and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to successfully wean her off the phenobarbital with your wonderful help. I will be adding the Paaws cat vitamins to my monthly order.

Kathleen M.Baltimore, Maryland

Woody Allen & Zeus Rocco. We thank GOD you came up with a formula that makes dogs healthy and keeps them healthy. When they feel good, we feel good!! May GOD bless you.

Anthony & LibbySpringhill, Florida

Since I started her on Paaws Vitamins, she has had no issues with her joints or any of the limping episodes. I have no doubt that Paaws has done wonders for my dog, thank you!

Andy L.Detroit Michigan

Thank you Dr. Carol. I will call you to replenish the Paaws vitamins and Xena’s other supplements after our vacation. May God Bless you and continue to bring you health and continued wisdom to help our canine friends!

Ana G.New York

I am so glad I tried your PAAWS vitamin product on my boyfriend’s (who is also a Veterinarian) suggestion. I am going to take your advise and wean both of my dogs off Deramaxx according to your suggestions. Will reach out to you again in the Spring.

Maria A.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My 8 year old Lab is acting like a puppy again!!! What could be more exciting? I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Carol! You were so generous with your time with the e-mail correspondence and the phone calls. You and your PAAWS products are just awesome!!

TamiSurprise, AZ

Brandy thinks she is still a puppy. She acts it too. Thank you Dr. Carol for Paaws. It sure has improved and lengthened Brandy’s life.

DaleFort Worth, TX

I have been putting the Paaws Vitamins in my cats food. What Sweetie doesn’t eat has been cleaned up up by my other feline, who is an 11-year old male. He is showing gross improvement to his “old age” stuff and he is he is running and playing like a kitten.

Rita C.Upper Darby, Pennsylvania