Pleased Pets Barkin about Best Vet in Biz!

I wanted to share this note I received from a pleased pet patient: Dr. Carol,
You are the best, and I still wish you were located here in GA., so you could be our in state D.V.M.!

I really just trust your advice, Dr. Carol, as I have had so many bad experiences with other pet doctors, and you are the best in the biz!!Warm Regards, DeLise C., Georgia

Cat Vomiting

Lice on Cats

Lice are tiny, six-legged parasites that feed on blood and can cause anemia. Weak, run-down kittens are most susceptible. Tiny white spots, called nits are visible. These are the egg casings. Lice spend their entire life on the animal and are not transferable to other pets or people. They do not infest your home and…


Fleas are the most common cause of itching and skin irritation in dogs. Over 50 percent of all skin allergies in dogs are due to fleas. The allergy is actually a reaction to a protein component of the fleas’ saliva. When these “allergic dogs” are bitten by a flea, they itch themselves until their skin…