Perfect Puppy For You

Picking The Perfect Puppy: Veterinarian: Carol Osborne DVM

Is a Great Dane a good fit for an elderly single woman? Can a Jack Russell Terrier be happy with little kids? Should a Rottweiler live in an apartment without a yard?

Often a person’s favorite breed may not be what’s suitable for their lifestyle, and living conditions.

From Beagles to Bassett’s, Terriers to Toys and Poodles to Puggles, prospective pet buyers are faced with the bewildering choice of hundreds of pure breed canines and a myriad of mixes.

Today pet lovers can even choose from a gallery of “Designer Dogs” or have their favorite pet cloned.

Whether adopting or buying a pet, figuring out how to make all the right choices is tough especially if kids are concerned so let’s make it a little easier.

Cat Skin

Cats Skin and Hair

Skin diseases are very common in cats. They can occur because of bacterial, viral, fungal, allergic, parasitic, and hormonal disorders. In older cats, skin cancer and cysts are not uncommon. Signs of skin problems are among the easiest to detect. They include dry flaky skin, as well as red, raw irritated areas often with hair…