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Allerpet Cat Dander Remover – Cat Allergy Solution


Specifically formulated for cats… and the people who are allergic to their cats.  Allerpet C Cat Dander Remover cleanses the cats hair of saliva and dander, the prime causes of people being allergic to their cats.

Allerpet C works for people allergic to their cats.


Ask Veterinarian Dr. Carol


Holistic Veterinarian, Board Certified Health Diplomat, and author, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, personally answers one or multiple pet questions about your dog or cat’s health care.

C.E.T. Dog Dental Chews : Poultry Flavor


Make C.E.T. Dental Dog Chews part of your dog’s daily dental health regimen. Chews are made from select beef hide and have C.E.T.’s exclusive antibacterial system and time-tested Dual-Enzyme System

Cat Lax: Brand


Cat Lax is a palatable formula for the elimination and prevention of cat hairballs and feline constipation. Suitable for cats and kittens of all ages. This is the Brand Cat Lax formula made by Dechra.

Cat Vitamin: PAAWS Cat Vitamin


Paaws Cat Vitamins, patented by Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM. Most cats love the chicken flavored sprinkle caps. The natural effects of aging can mean hundreds, even thousands

CET Cat Dental Chews


Make C.E.T. Cat Dental Chews part of your cat’s daily dental health regimen.  C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Cat Dental Chews are made from freeze-dried poultry.

DentAcetic Pet Dental Wipes: Dogs & Cats


The Dechra DentAcetic Dental Wipes are a convenient, easy way to manage your pet’s dental hygiene. The DentAcetic Dental Wipe formula helps to fight tartar and plaque buildup in your pet’s mouth.

Dr. Carol’s Canine Cancer Support


Powerful, broad-spectrum dog immune integrity and cancer support for dogs. Proprietary, organic, synergistic blend of adaptogenic herbs designed to enhance normal canine DNA function.