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Cat Lax: Brand


Cat Lax is a palatable formula for the elimination and prevention of cat hairballs and feline constipation. Suitable for cats and kittens of all ages. This is the Brand Cat Lax formula made by Dechra.

DentAcetic Pet Dental Wipes: Dogs & Cats


The Dechra DentAcetic Dental Wipes are a convenient, easy way to manage your pet’s dental hygiene. The DentAcetic Dental Wipe formula helps to fight tartar and plaque buildup in your pet’s mouth.

Dr. Carol’s Eye Restore – Dogs and Cats Formula


Dr. Carol’s Eye Restore for Dogs & Cats naturally relieves pet red, dry, irritated, itchy, allergic watery, runny eyes in dogs and cats. Pet Eye Restore effectively relieves runny eyes, pet conjunctivitis, minor eye discharges, pet dry eyes

Dr. Carol’s Digest-Zymes – Cat Formula


Dr. Carol’s Cat Digest-Zymes are a complete comprehensive full-spectrum, natural, plant based feline digestive enzyme formula, available as a tasteless powder mixed into your cat’s diet at each meal.

Dr. Carol’s Premium Probiotics with Prebiotics – Cat Formula


Dr. Carol’s Premium Probiotics with Prebiotics – Cat Formula is made from ingredients that are formulated to help your pet when they need it right away. In this supplement, we provide a natural blend of “friendly” bacteria to support intestinal health and balance the digestive system in cats

Elimin-Odor Feline Cat Odor RemoverOut of stock

Elimin-Odor Feline Cat Odor Remover


Cat Elimin-Odor safely and effectively eliminates cat urine and stool odors. This is not a cover-up.The odor molecules are prevented from forming a gas; without a gas there is no odor.


Pet Odor Pet Stain Remover: Dogs & Cats


Pet Odor Pet Stain Remover eliminates dog and cat pet urine stains. Prevents fresh pet urine from staining and to helps remove pet stains from carpets, upholstery, fabrics and drapes. Helps to restore original color to fabrics.