Our 6-pound Yorkie, Murphy, is 13 years old and he suffers from arthritis and cataracts, in addition to some other ailments. We believe he is beginning to have a little dementia, too. We started him on your Dr. Carol’s PAAWS-Vitalife (the senior formula) 5 days ago. It may be my imagination but he seems more alert, active and he does not seem to be limping as badly as he was. One more thing: the breath bones are a hit. His teeth are very bad, despite cleanings and brushings. So he has a difficult time chewing treats that are big and hard. However he keeps working at the ones that we got with your product shipment until he is able to break it and eat it. They must be great tasting.

Thank you for your quick response and you personal attention. I am sure that you have heard this numerous times. Murphy is our baby and it breaks my heart to see him hurting. I want to have a good quality of life for as long as he lives.