My husband and I were desperate to help our little Westie Dewey. We are so thrilled with our experience with Dr. Carol. We went in with a sick little boy and now we have our lively happy westie back. We highly recommend her wonderful supplements as well.

Dr. Carol makes Dewey happy again!

Dr. Carol is an amazing attribute to us after our 12 year old shepard was diagnosed with cancer. We teamed up with Dr Carol and a holistic approach opposed to chemotherapy for our dog Shea. It’s been a wonderful experience and our Shepard is doing great!

Shae the Shepard’s cancer treatment

Dr. Carol gives your the information you need, is straight forward, and doesn’t give any “fluff”. I appreciate her for all she has done for both my dogs and will continue to go only to her for my dogs needs. Thanks Dr. Carol and Sam!!!!

Dr. Carol for all my dogs needs
Dr. Carol for all my dogs needs

Dr. Carol has been my vet since 2015 when I moved from Florida. She was the only vet that was willing to treat my aggressive pitbull and has taken very good care of her monthly to maintain her thyroid deficiency.

Dr. Carol and Sam are warm and loving to both my dogs regardless of their breeds. She gives your the information you need, is straight forward, and doesn’t give any “fluff”. I appreciate her for all she has done for both my dogs and will continue to go only to her for my dogs needs. Thanks Dr. Carol and Sam!!!!

Dr. Carol for all my dogs needs
Dr. Carol for all my dogs needs

Long story short, Dr. Carol took and continues to take the time to really care for my little man and provide me with all the information I need to make the best decisions for his health. I am so very thankful that I found her!

Dr. Carol saved my Bob’s life!

Dr. Carol saved my Bob’s life! About 1-1/2 years ago, I found Dr. Carol through a link in a natural health for dogs FB group I follow, after bloodwork identified elevated liver enzymes in my french bulldog Bob. For various reasons, I felt that I needed more information than his previous vet was providing.

Everything Bob ate went straight through him. I had never been able to find a food that worked for him for very long and at that point I was cooking for him.

He was also on Apoquel for allergies and Simparico 3 for flea, tick, heartworm. Dr. Carol scheduled us right away and after a really thorough review and discussion of his history and some additional tests, she had a treatment plan. He’s no longer on Apoquel.

We use a natural flea & tick spray and we had no fleas or ticks all season. He now takes a probiotic, a vitamin and a liver supplement daily. We also found a food that works for him. And he no longer has elevated liver enzymes!

Long story short, Dr. Carol took and continues to take the time to really care for my little man and provide me with all the information I need to make the best decisions for his health. I am so very thankful that I found her!

Dr. Carol saved my Bob’s life!

Hello, Dr. Carol and Sam! Just wanted to check in with you and let you know how our boy is doing. Excellently! Castiel is purrsy and playful and happy and bright. I’ll never be able to thank you enough. His litter box activity has shaped up in the last few weeks also. He’s doing great and we’re thankful for every minute of it. Attaching pics of fine litter box activity and one fine “kitten.”Thanks, as always, and I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. Let me know when you might want to see him next.  Love Sam & Castiel

Sam & Castiel

Bearing the brunt of a doctor’s refusal to listen is unavoidable if you want treatment. Either that or you have to break up with that person, that doctor and venture out to find another. Eight months ago, I fired our vet after telling them that they had failed to achieve any health objective at all with our dog Luna. Also, I suggested that they needed to do some emotional housekeeping which was pretty satisfying. The danger in their inability to listen and the danger in their unasked questions was that my dog was going to get sicker and sicker. I was watching it happen like a slow nightmare for her and for me. She was losing weight, vomiting, had never ever had formed stools, had intestines full of gas, was getting lethargic and utterly disinterested in eating, and this was costing us large sums of money with no payback at all.

My dog Luna has a story that I had tried to tell multiple times to several vets before I found a vet who had honed the lost skill of listening to a person’s story. Dr. Carol didn’t summarily dismiss me with Cerenia for nausea, an antibiotic for no reason whatsoever, and a steroid for later just in case the first two things didn’t cause enough confusion and further symptoms to treat on top of the presenting issues. I came to Dr. Carol mid emergency with our dog and she took us in and the first thing she did was to ask me to tell my story. Then she listened, asked questions, and took notes.

Greasy zero calorie pleasantries are not a substitute for listening to another person’s story. The answers are in the narrative. Looking at a person or dog’s patient history and then actively ignoring or minimizing what is said in the office or on the phone is a ginormous insulting mistake. My lived experience and my observations are valuable. Dr. Carol and her staff listen and provide expert care. My heartfelt thanks to her staff and to her for improving the quality of my dog’s life. If you have a story to tell about the health of your dog and want help understanding that story call Dr. Carol and start talking. She’s there to listen and offer excellent guidance.

The Almost Lost Art of Listening

We took our best friend Trouble, a 16-year-old Cockapoo, to see Dr. Carol in late August 2019. At that time, he suffered from pneumonia on and off for a year. His coughing was a huge issue. He was getting more ill by the day and we knew we were close to losing him. He was bed-ridden, had to be carried everywhere, and was no longer mentally engaged. He was giving up. After some research, I found Dr. Carol Osborne, who combines the best of all medicine, in an integrated approach, tailored to each client. I reached out to the office to see if we could do a consultation, expecting to have to wait six months. Sam called me right away and was able to get us in to see Dr. Carol within a few days!

We were asked to bring our records, food, and medication with us. Trouble had two types of bacterial infection in his lungs. Too tough for a general antibiotic to remove.

Over a period of six months, Dr. Carol worked with us to change his diet and supplements (including her own patented ones which are amazing!). She used a conservative and incremental approach. He also developed seizures during the decline. It was terrifying! She (and Sam) spent countless hours outside of our visits researching ways to help Trouble overcome his illness. She reached out for additional consults from specialists all over. She works tirelessly for her clients; she even said she had dreams about him. There were ups and downs along the way, as he was quite ill. Dr. Carol took a kind, loving, and calm approach to help us manage the situation confidently. She had us document all of Trouble’s coughs, behavior, food/supplement schedule, seizures (every detail), poo, and more. Each evening, we sent an update and each morning, she replied with advice and encouragement.

Over time, we added a couple injectable supplements to his visits for fluid. At six months, Trouble is nearly himself again! He is walking around with attitude, telling us exactly what he wants and when he wants it. He loves to hide his bone and give lots of kisses again. Our little boy is back! We could not have done it without the love, encouragement, and true partnership of Dr. Carol and the team. We have our boy and will be grateful for every single day they gave us!

Trouble, a 16-year-old Cockapoo
Trouble, a 16-year-old Cockapoo,

In November we were concerned with our beloved Bichon, Mindy being ill. Our Vet at the time did not seem to be concerned with any major issues with her. We then began our search into Holistic Vets and decided on Dr. Carol Osborne. Her background , education and experience was second to none. We scheduled an appointment and were seen immediately. With just basic testing Dr. Carol found inflamed Anal Glands and Diabetes. After the medications were given to her the Anal Gland inflammation came back and the insulin was not consistently helping. Dr. Carol sent us for radiological procedures and specimen testing. Long story short, after seeing those results and doing countless hours of research, Dr. Carol found our Mindy had cancer in two areas. Dr. Carol’s care, compassion, understanding and dedication to her Clients allowed us to have our Mindy until March 7th of 2017.

We recall the unbelievable patience Dr. Carol had with us the entire time. Everything was done within our budget and with the best interest of our Dog Mindy in mind. Dr. Carol would consult with us after hours, weekends and even when she was out of town. It made us feel that she loved our Mindy as much as we did. Dr. Carol helped us put Mindy asleep on March 7th, 2017. Dr. Carol and her Daughter Halle cried with us too. She tried to comfort us the best she could. Dr. Carol wished she had been able to care for our dog sooner. Maybe better nutrition and holistic care could have given us more years with our Bichon, Mindy. Months later, we decided to get another dog, a Maltese Mix, Molly. Dr. Carol has been seeing her from the time she was 11 weeks old. We also read all of Dr. Carol’s newsletters and books. Under Dr. Carol’s holistic based care, we are confident our Molly is getting the best attention and care available anywhere.

Thank you, Dr. Carol.
Ruth Carter, Joe Zdelar and Molly

Ruth Carter, Joe Zdelar and Molly
Ruth Carter, Joe Zdelar and Molly

Dr. Osborne is fantastic! She is very knowledgeable and her love for all animals shows in her focus and undivided attention is shown to your pet the moment you enter to the time you leave. She is no-nonsense and thorough! I know they will always get A+ care by Dr. Osborne and all her staff. My Leo and Dante love them, so do we.

Melissa Jarufe
Melissa Jarufe

This cute Pomeranian named Beebee is just 3 years old. He already had 1 ACL/knee surgery at age 2.

He was so overweight, he was preparing for his second surgery on the other hind leg when the owner walked into Dr. Carol’s office.

Since then Beebee went from 43 pounds on July 10, 2018 down to 31 pounds as of January 26, 2019. Beebe lost 12 pounds over 6 months and is like a new dog.

“I wanted to share a couple of photos of Beebee before and after his diet. He has regained his energy and he’s back to being his usual playful, active and rambunctious self!

Dr. Carol Thanks for your help putting him on this diet!

Veselina G - Beebee's Loses Weight!Beebee After
Veselina G - Beebee's Loses Weight!
Veselina G – Beebee’s Loses Weight!

Dr. Carol and her team have been so wonderful to work with. My Diesel is a nine-year-old lab who still acts like a pup. He’s had some immune challenges recently and Dr. Carol has gone above and beyond to treat Diesel in the safest way possible. She calls and emails me frequently to check in on him and she always makes sure I understand everything that’s going on so we can make decisions together as a team. I’ve had Diesel on Dr. Carol’s vitamins too and WOW, what a difference. I’m grateful to have found a vet who cares so much and understands the importance of taking a holistic approach.

Tania and Diesel
Tania and Diesel

Hi Dr. Carol, I just wanted to shoot you a quick thank you for all of your help over the weekend with Dexter. It was alarming to come home from my trip to him not maneuvering properly and your reassurance really put us at ease. He was so lethargic and was being carried outside for the restroom. But, around 4 AM last night he asked to go out once again and seemed to spring back into life. We’re very happy he is back to functioning normally today. Thank you so much for your dedicated time and follow up phone call this morning, it means a lot to us all.

Golden Doodle
Brittany and Dexter

Thank you, Dr. Carol, for all you’ve done to keep my golden’s joints healthy especially while showing. My Sandy is my world. I can not explain the soul connection we have. Being a Therapy Dog, I love watching her with patients. I love every essence of her. She is my soul mate!

Jean B.

Had an initial visit with Dr. Carol. She spent the entire hour with us. She reviewed everything I was giving my dog and went through every item thoroughly. I was very impressed with her caring attitude, attention to detail and personal touch. I expect big changes in my dog’s health!

Mr. Marfy

Dr. Carol and her staff are the best! She’s very attentive to all your pet needs. My dog stargazes. Dr.Carol has changed his diet, which has decreased his episodes tremendously. I’m so happy she’s his doctor. Thanks Dr. Carol!

Dianne P

Dr. Carol and her team and the best. I was almost ready to give up, I had been to 3 other vet’s and they all told me I needed to consider putting my best friend down due to his seizure’s.

I read the reviews online and thought I would give this Doctor a shot before I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life. What can I say but THANK YOU! Within a month Dr. Carol was able to help me get Arty’s seizures under control to the point where he is having maybe 1 or 2 a month and they are very manageable. I truly do not know what I would have done if I hadn’t found this clinic.

Dr. Carol gave me the honest facts on treatment success before we began and made sure I knew this was not a fix all, I really appreciated the honest before I spent my money.

Dr. Carol WAY over-delivered, I had given up hope that my dog would have any quality of life. Dr. Carol gave me my best friend back and we both thank you!

Tim J
Tim J

Dr. Carol is an amazing vet! Her knowledge and her holistic approach have improved my dog’s health and given me so many more years with him in spite of his rather severe diabetic condition. Every day I look at my little Sammy and say “Thank you, Dr. Carol, I don’t know what we would have done without you” Sammy agrees! The entire staff is loving and willing to go out of their way for their patients.

Toy Poodle
Patti Melaragno

Dear Dr. Osborne, thank you for taking care of my boys Mika and Koda today. I really like the practice’s size, and the staff was fantastic with them. Above all, I really value your expertise. We look forward to your guidance in their lives, which mean everything to me. Best, Gerardo T

Mika and Koda
Mika and Koda

We love Dr. Carol and her staff. Our 20-month-old Bichpoo, Angelina, has had eating issues since we got her. Angelina never went to a bowl of dog food and ate like a normal dog, she is very picky and refused to eat sometimes for a couple days. A couple weeks ago Angelina got very sick and had to go to the ER because of bleeding to find out her whole digestive system was inflamed. We took her to Dr. Carol a couple days later and with Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, special food for a digestive issue and baby food Angelina is back to her healthy playful self and eating like a little piggy. Thank you, Dr. Carol, for all the time you spent with us and for helping our baby feel better. — Maribeth P.

Bichpoo, Angelina
Maribeth P and Angelina

I am in love with my vet. Dr. Carol offers an integrated approach to my pet’s health and wellness. She is both a traditional vet as well as a holistic vet. There is no one else around that does what Dr. Carol offers. She takes a genuine interest in your pet’s health. When you come into her office, she has calming oils flowing through the air. She approaches your animal with the utmost care and love. She is not the type of vet that will run tests just to run them or sell drugs to treat your pet because she will make more money that way. We have all been to those vets. Dr. Carol will try different approaches to handle whatever your dog’s ailment is. Whether it is traditional medicine, or perhaps some herbs or oils or changes in the diet. I referred a friend to her that was about to undergo a lot of expense for her dog that was diagnosis with cancer. Dr. Carol right away said it was not necessary to go down that route and they have treated her dog with other methods and I am thrilled to say that dog is doing fine. Dr. Carol as well as her staff are one of a kind. I travel far for our visits but she is well worth it. So if you are looking for that special veterinarian, look no further … Dr. Carol is it. Betsy F

Betsy F
Betsy F

I absolutely love Dr. Carol and her team! Our pup Google was diagnosed with mast cell tumors (cancer) a few years back and we read all amazing things about Dr. Carol and her holistic approach to medicine… At her appointment, Dr. Carol prescribed an easy to follow diet, special supplements, and various tips to keep Google healthy and avoid future tumor growth… we are happy to share that Google has only had 1 very small tumor (that was caught so early it was basically benign) since going on the diet and has been tumor-free since seeing Dr. Carol. It is our belief that following Dr. Carol’s advice and holistic diet that Google has been given the best opportunity to thrive and continue to be healthy! We are so grateful we found her and look forward to many more happy years with our Google! Thank you Dr. Carol!(owner)

Becki C

I found myself at Dr. Carol’s office after spending months trying to determine what was wrong with my dog and having no luck with a number of vets I tried. She was tireless in her efforts to figure out how to best help my dog and worked with me to manage his conditions and keep him comfortable for the last few years of his life. If I needed her, she was there, regardless of the time of day or day of the week and that is not something you can say about many doctors. Now that I have welcomed a new bundle of furry joy into my life I can’t imagine taking him anywhere else to start him off right with everything he needs to have a long and healthy life. Dr. Carol truly cares about each animal as if they were her own and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a vet.

Courtney M
Courtney M

I have so much respect and gratitude for Dr. Osborne. It has been two years that she has been caring for my shelties Nico and Roxy. Nico’s first visit with her was life-changing for him. Previously he had been limping for close to a year, getting progressively worse. He was given pain medications which did not help, leaving him tired and lifeless. I was told that he was aging more quickly than dogs his age??? This pushed me to find a doctor who specializes in aging dogs and treats with holistic approach if possible. No matter the length of time Nico had left, I wanted his quality of life to be as good as possible. With the treatment and care given by Dr. Osborne, Nico is much more energetic, happy, howling occasionally, once again he is able to jump on furniture, and loves to play and take daily walks with Roxy. Every day I am still amazed at how great Nico is doing. Had it not been for Dr. Osborne, Nico may not have been here today. I travel over an hour to see Dr. Osborne and it is worth every minute and every mile.

Nico and Roxy
Nico and Roxy

Amazing person and veterinarian! When I took Zoe to Dr. Carol, she had diarrhea and vomiting. Dr. Carol was able to assess her and gave us options for her care. I really appreciated her honesty about Zoe’s condition and financially feasible options. She had outstanding communication; I received emails daily checking on Zoe. When I needed her to see Zoe, she fit me in when it fit my schedule. I really like that she uses the Ohio State Vet school to run her blood work and that I get a copy emailed to me and that she has the ability to consult with their specialists. I highly recommend Dr. Carol not only for her extensive knowledge but also for how much she cares about animals.

Michelle Little Zoe
Michelle Little

As you can see Roffe is in good spirit, thanks to the help from your Paaws! I wish you and your family all the best.

Anders and Roffe

Dr. Osborne is a gifted vet. She takes the time to get to know your dog and his life history. She cares about your dogs’ health. Within a month after visiting Dr. Carol and following her instructions exactly, our dogs’ health was amazing. He acted like he was four years ago. Thank you, Dr. Osborne. We tell everyone to take their pets to you.

Erin, Kiley and Clouseau
Erin, Kiley and Clouseau

I could not be happier with the care that both of my pups receive from Dr. Carol. This summer I was faced with a very aggressive illness with one of my dogs. The origin and aggressive nature of her symptoms were a mystery. Dr. Carol never once gave up on us. She meticulously went over my dogs’ daily habits and carefully watched over her care for approximately two months. In between our visits, Dr. Carol checked up on us with emails each morning, in the evenings, and on the weekends to monitor the slightest change in my dogs’ health. I am happy to say that with her guidance I now have a healthy, happy pup again.

Debbie & Layla
Debbie & Layla

Dr. Carol is the BEST in the business. We’ve never worked with a vet that cares so deeply and works so hard to help our dog. We have been working very closely with her for about 3 months now. We traveled hours to consult with her for a second opinion and guidance when our dog, Ella, was diagnosed with Kidney Failure/Disease at just 3.5 years old. She has gone above in beyond to help us understand why this is happening and how to help us moving forward. She’s consulted with specialist all over the country to help us save our dog. Dr. Carol is persistent, consistent, thorough, and pays attention to details that most other vets miss or dismiss. Her sense of urgency in helping Ella is something I’ve never even seen in a human doctor. She’s been a strong force in advocating for our dog’s health and survival. She thinks outside of the box and doesn’t give up. We’ve had many vets tell us to just keep Ella comfortable until it’s her time. We refused to take that as the end and Dr. Carol has been right there with us the entire time. The only thing I regret is not finding her sooner. I have no doubt Ella would be in much better health if we would have worked with Dr. Carol since Ella was a puppy. If you want the best of the best, go see Dr. Carol. She knows what she’s doing! We can never explain how grateful we are.

Brittany Griggs and Ella
Brittany Griggs