I have a 7 yo. dachshund who IS part of our family, just like your beloved pets. We try to provide the best health care for him and promptly attend to any problems he may encounter. He has had ongoing skin issues for about 5 years, itching, infections etc. I have had him to 4 vet clinics up to this summer without any solutions. One even told me that dachshunds just itch and get infections, and to just live with it! My neighbor told me about Dr. Carol Osborne and her Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center. I called and made an appointment for Rusty. She assessed him and asked many questions about his food, his meds etc and what type care he had received in the past. After testing it was discovered he had Cushings Disease, which is not uncommon for dogs in the 6 to 8 year range. She changed his heartworm meds from the brand most advertised in most vet offices and also the most expensive to a simple liquid I put on his skin once a month. I picked up some Paaws vitamins from her and began feeding him a food she sold in her clinic; however took her advice and cook chicken and vegetables for him. I cook once every 10 days to 2 weeks in the crock pot and freeze his food then parcel it out for him at mealtime. If I am in a hurry, then he gets the dry bag food. He loves the food and is eating 2 to 3 times what he was before and is Loosing weight, which was one of his issues. I give him his meds for the Cushings plus his vitamins and you can NOT believe the change in this dog. Recently I took him in for an ear infection, which he seldom ever gets. She treated him right away. The next day she called to check up on him. This is something she does a lot. This vet REALLY CARES about your pet. I will never take him anywhere else. Dr. Osborne has been a Godsend to us and as for Rusty, well, he is a brand new dog. His fur is smooth like rabbit fur, his yeast infections are gone, he’s loosing weight and his skin is clearing up and he rarely itches himself anymore. I challenge you to find a better, more caring veterinarian anywhere. I seriously do not think you will find one. Thank you Dr. Carol !!!