Hi Dr. Carol, So nice to walk into the house, listen to your message on the answering machine and then read this! Jenna amazes me. She may already be 15…we don’t know her exact date of birth since she was a rescue. Anyways she has such good energy and also no sign of senility. Last year, before PAAWS she concerned me a few times as she just seemed confused. I haven’t seen her confused at all! She is eating her food. She needs to be on DES every other day for incontinence. If I stretch it out further then that she leaks.

Adding the Hip/Joint with the PAAWS vitamins is relieving her hind leg stiffness and we have stopped using the Rimadyl. Her spine protrudes a bit about 10 inches up from her tail – just a note. Yesterday she ran up to my husband, excited to see him, and then did a full body shake knocking herself down as her back legs lost their balance. She popped right back up though, smiling.

This is Jenna. She is my treasure. Thank you for your excellent PAAWS product and all your time and help which I am certain is offering Jenna a better life!