My husband and I were desperate to help our little Westie Dewey. We are so thrilled with our experience with Dr. Carol. We went in with a sick little boy and now we have our lively happy westie back. We highly recommend her wonderful supplements as well.

Dr. Carol makes Dewey happy again!

Dr. Carol is an amazing attribute to us after our 12 year old shepard was diagnosed with cancer. We teamed up with Dr Carol and a holistic approach opposed to chemotherapy for our dog Shea. It’s been a wonderful experience and our Shepard is doing great!

Shae the Shepard’s cancer treatment

Dr. Carol gives your the information you need, is straight forward, and doesn’t give any “fluff”. I appreciate her for all she has done for both my dogs and will continue to go only to her for my dogs needs. Thanks Dr. Carol and Sam!!!!

Dr. Carol for all my dogs needs
Dr. Carol for all my dogs needs

Long story short, Dr. Carol took and continues to take the time to really care for my little man and provide me with all the information I need to make the best decisions for his health. I am so very thankful that I found her!

Dr. Carol saved my Bob’s life!

As you can see Roffe is in good spirit, thanks to the help from your Paaws! I wish you and your family all the best.

Anders and Roffe

Sammy has been doing well, although he does get tired easily. His appetite has been better, especially since we’ve been seasoning his food. I haven’t had to give him an “appetizer pill” in the last couple of months.
I’m sure that if he could talk, he’d say “Thank you, Dr. Carol. My food is so much better since it tastes more like people food!”

diabetic yorkie
Patty B and Sammy the Diabetic Yorkie

Hello Dr. Carol, I enjoyed our conversation we had today and also knowing that your Paaws Vitamins are still available!!! As testimony to your product I would like to share the “wonder” of this vitamin for Taco, my “pound rescued dog.

Doris Oak HillWest Virginia

I thank you so much for your products and your interest in my special friend. I just wanted to complete the circle with you as part of my healing, since you had asked to be kept up on his progress.

Alt: Aliquet
Judy Turner and her Dog HawkBastion, IL

Woody and Zeus! I thank GOD I have them. My wife, Libby also feels that we don’t know what we would do without them! We both appreciate your wisdom and may God bless you for your patience and love of animals.

The Nunno’sSpring Hill, FL

Woody Allen & Zeus Rocco. We thank GOD you came up with a formula that makes dogs healthy and keeps them healthy. When they feel good, we feel good!! May GOD bless you.

Anthony & LibbySpringhill, Florida

Rags has been on Dr. Carol’s PAAWS since November. He is walking, going outside by himself, even venturing into the back yard now and then, which he couldn’t do before. He’s spunky and happy and so are we.

Dog Cancer Cure Holds New Hope
Carol and JoeyLouisville, KY

I appreciate all you have done. I wouldn’t trust any other product if you didn’t recommend it. That’s how much I believe in you and other people with pets should too if they want their pets to be living as long as “Lebeau” or longer (he wasn’t suppose to be living as long as he has as I was told by vets)

KarenaAustin, Texas

Thanks again Dr. Carol, I appreciate all your help more than words can express. Here is a picture of the dog that you kept going for a long time, with the PAAWS. If it hadn’t been for you she would have suffered so much.


Brandy thinks she is still a puppy. She acts it too. Thank you Dr. Carol for Paaws. It sure has improved and lengthened Brandy’s life.

DaleFort Worth, TX

If it wasn’t for Dr. Carol and her knowledge we wouldn’t have all the great products for our pets that work and make the pets healthier..

Jan S.Chicago, Illinois

I am also grateful for your HIP and JOINT formula. It has truly made a remarkable difference in the progression of Muggsy’s arthritis, which is now completely under control. Thank you again, Dr. Carol, for all of these wonderful products, your sage advice and for your genuine compassion and love for all of God’s creatures!

Chase C.Pace, Florida.

So, thank you for creating such a great product to give people the most time with their beloved dogs. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and understanding.

LisaAtlanta, GA

Dr. Carol, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful products that I have my little dog, Brownie use … I will always have her use your products as they are the best in my opinion. Anyone who truly cares about their pets should look at your products.

Tom O.Smyrna, TN

Hi Dr. Carol, I have forgotten how long Gizmo has been a customer of your Vitalife vitamin supplement, but being a Pekingese, a breed that suppose to have several gene problems, Gizmo has been doing so well being on Vitalife Vitamins for so long now.

Rebecca P.Anaheim, California

To our amazement your PAAWS vitamin product has changed his life. The people who know him at our dog park always comment on how well he is getting around. Thank you so much for such a great product and to anyone who is considering using it, don’t think twice cause IT WORKS.

Ray B.Stroudsburg, PA

We started using your VitaLife vitamins for Tiffany in particular; she had a heart murmur and was slowing down quite a bit. About a month after we started the vitamins. She seemed to have more energy

Marge K.

Thank you again, Dr. Carol, for being so genuine of a person, it means so much to us!

DeLise C.Loganville, Georgia

I am not sure how long he has been on PAWS vitamins but my guess would be at least 4 years. A woman I met in the neighborhood recommended PAWS to me and at that time her dog was 21. Freddie lived to be 23 years of age.

Lucie and MaxBouncer, CO

But I was lost about what to do with my dog, Since I added PAAWS I sit with Coal a rub his belly which and he rolls over like he is saying that feels go keep doing it and now he leaps and bounds everywhere, I cannot thank you enough!


Hi Dr. Carol, Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Wednesday. I want to thank you again for your PAAWS vitamin supplements.

Melody S.New York

We really hope that our current puppy girls have a long, happy, and energetic lives and I’m sure it’s because of your PAAWS supplement. Keep up the very good work that you do to give dogs and cats, healthy, happy and long lives.

Carol and Fred S.La Crosse, WI

thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance in which path I should take to help my scotty recover from this problem. Oh, if only you were a resident of the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. I’m lucky enough to have you in a neighboring state.

Kim S.Alburtis, PA

Hi Dr. Carol, I was thinking about you the other day, was going to send you a picture of my 2 puppies. Yes I got my Thunder (the shepherd/husky) and brother his name is Jake (lab/shepherd) I also got Jake from the ASPCA. They are doing great.

Debbie Y.South Orange, FL

I am really pleased with the improved blood test results for her kidney function, and most importantly the thoroughness of your helping me understanding these tests. I feel now like I can help Rigby enjoy a full life in spite of only having just one kidney.

BrianLos Alamitos, California

Dr. C I got to tell you the dog am pm vitamins are miraculous. I gave my brother in law a test bottle of each for his pekinese dog who is 14. His back legs weren’t even working and in a weeks time the dog is trying to stand and walk totally awesome.

Ron M.Milwaukee