This cute Pomeranian named Beebee is just 3 years old. He already had 1 ACL/knee surgery at age 2.

He was so overweight, he was preparing for his second surgery on the other hind leg when the owner walked into Dr. Carol’s office.

Since then Beebee went from 43 pounds on July 10, 2018 down to 31 pounds as of January 26, 2019. Beebe lost 12 pounds over 6 months and is like a new dog.

“I wanted to share a couple of photos of Beebee before and after his diet. He has regained his energy and he’s back to being his usual playful, active and rambunctious self!

Dr. Carol Thanks for your help putting him on this diet!

Veselina G - Beebee's Loses Weight!Beebee After