We took our best friend Trouble, a 16-year-old Cockapoo, to see Dr. Carol in late August 2019. At that time, he suffered from pneumonia on and off for a year. His coughing was a huge issue. He was getting more ill by the day and we knew we were close to losing him. He was bed-ridden, had to be carried everywhere, and was no longer mentally engaged. He was giving up. After some research, I found Dr. Carol Osborne, who combines the best of all medicine, in an integrated approach, tailored to each client. I reached out to the office to see if we could do a consultation, expecting to have to wait six months. Sam called me right away and was able to get us in to see Dr. Carol within a few days!

We were asked to bring our records, food, and medication with us. Trouble had two types of bacterial infection in his lungs. Too tough for a general antibiotic to remove.

Over a period of six months, Dr. Carol worked with us to change his diet and supplements (including her own patented ones which are amazing!). She used a conservative and incremental approach. He also developed seizures during the decline. It was terrifying! She (and Sam) spent countless hours outside of our visits researching ways to help Trouble overcome his illness. She reached out for additional consults from specialists all over. She works tirelessly for her clients; she even said she had dreams about him. There were ups and downs along the way, as he was quite ill. Dr. Carol took a kind, loving, and calm approach to help us manage the situation confidently. She had us document all of Trouble’s coughs, behavior, food/supplement schedule, seizures (every detail), poo, and more. Each evening, we sent an update and each morning, she replied with advice and encouragement.

Over time, we added a couple injectable supplements to his visits for fluid. At six months, Trouble is nearly himself again! He is walking around with attitude, telling us exactly what he wants and when he wants it. He loves to hide his bone and give lots of kisses again. Our little boy is back! We could not have done it without the love, encouragement, and true partnership of Dr. Carol and the team. We have our boy and will be grateful for every single day they gave us!