In November we were concerned with our beloved Bichon, Mindy being ill. Our Vet at the time did not seem to be concerned with any major issues with her. We then began our search into Holistic Vets and decided on Dr. Carol Osborne. Her background , education and experience was second to none. We scheduled an appointment and were seen immediately. With just basic testing Dr. Carol found inflamed Anal Glands and Diabetes. After the medications were given to her the Anal Gland inflammation came back and the insulin was not consistently helping. Dr. Carol sent us for radiological procedures and specimen testing. Long story short, after seeing those results and doing countless hours of research, Dr. Carol found our Mindy had cancer in two areas. Dr. Carol’s care, compassion, understanding and dedication to her Clients allowed us to have our Mindy until March 7th of 2017.

We recall the unbelievable patience Dr. Carol had with us the entire time. Everything was done within our budget and with the best interest of our Dog Mindy in mind. Dr. Carol would consult with us after hours, weekends and even when she was out of town. It made us feel that she loved our Mindy as much as we did. Dr. Carol helped us put Mindy asleep on March 7th, 2017. Dr. Carol and her Daughter Halle cried with us too. She tried to comfort us the best she could. Dr. Carol wished she had been able to care for our dog sooner. Maybe better nutrition and holistic care could have given us more years with our Bichon, Mindy. Months later, we decided to get another dog, a Maltese Mix, Molly. Dr. Carol has been seeing her from the time she was 11 weeks old. We also read all of Dr. Carol’s newsletters and books. Under Dr. Carol’s holistic based care, we are confident our Molly is getting the best attention and care available anywhere.

Thank you, Dr. Carol.
Ruth Carter, Joe Zdelar and Molly