Thank you Dr. Carol. I received my order of PAAWS-Vitalife today in the mail. Rachel is such a finicky eater. I have to boil chicken for her and grind it. She eats it sparingly. I discovered that anything in larger chunks will not digest. Ground food will. But, it has to taste good, too. We discovered an ulcer 2 months ago. She was very ill then and almost died. Last fall she had pancreatitis, then 2 months ago she quit eating, began throwing up, having black, tarry stools, and we found the ulcer. Then a couple of weeks later, a huge dog came into our yard, picked her up and shook her violently. She was not hurt badly, but one of the dog’s teeth did sink into he upper back. It didn’t hit an organ or a bone. She was very sore for days. Now, this has happened.

Additionally, I found a story on the Internet about a dog that was in Rachel’s condition, except he’d been given 48 hours to live. Long story short, the vet asked the owners if they thought their tap water was poisonous turns out it had high salt content which contributed to shutting down the dog’s kidneys. They put the dog on distilled water, he Iived past the 48 hours and lived 4 years longer. I rushed to my vet’s office and gave them the information and they admitted never having thought of it. They ran an electrolyte test and said that they weren’t out of whack, but there were a couple of other tests that showed that it was possible, though not conclusive, that perhaps this could be a contributing factor to Rachel’s situation. We put her on distilled water and Vitalife

The vet said that her tests were slightly better than before–not to get too excited, but they weren’t at all worse, and they were a tad better. The day before he had told me that it was almost hopeless. So, we decided to give her distilled water and Vitalife from now on just in case.

Thank you so much. I’ll keep you posted. If you have any other ideas don’t hesitate to advise me. Rachel is the most important thing in my life. I love her so much. She has been my constant companion for 11 years, and it’s absolutely killing me to see this happening to her.