I just wanted to give you an update on my precious dog, Flower. She is doing great! Remember when I ordered the Dr. Carol’s Vitalife I said I had a feeling she was going to die since she was so mopey? Well now she is much more social and interactive! She has a bit more energy, although she is no where close to flying around the backyard! Her tail is always wagging. I did accidentally forget to give her Rimadyl for a day. Her ankle ballooned up, so she still needs that. We have had a lot of issues with Flower using the basement rather than going outside to do her business. That has drastically changed in the past couple of weeks. She still does it, but not constantly like before. She previously had an issue with going outside, particularly in the cold. Although she isn’t all the way there yet, we have noticed a huge leap!

So your Vitalife seems to be helping her. Maybe when the weather warms up she can be weaned off the Rimadyl.

Thanks for your help!