My 13 year old arthritic dog was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and I had tried treating him with Selegiline with brief success, but then his symptoms seemed to reappear. As a scientist I did my own research and decided to try him on phosphatidylserine before going with the next, more severe option of killing off his adrenal gland tissue chemically. I was concerned however about his joint problems getting worse once he was no longer as sedated as the Selegiline had kept him. I bought your PAAWSproduct as support to complement his treatment with phosphatidylserine. It has been a year and I have been very pleased with his energy, activity capability and coat. Before I began the new treatment his coat was tacky and brittle feeling, now it is almost as silky as before he got sick. He sleeps through the night and enjoys play with me and my other dog which had stopped while he was on the Selegeline. His companyhas always beenvery important to me, but more so this last year as I was diagnosed with Breast Cancerlast May and don’t think I could have handled losing him as well. I know we would not have done this well without your product!

Thank you so much for supporting us through this year!