I have so much respect and gratitude for Dr. Osborne. It has been two years that she has been caring for my shelties Nico and Roxy. Nico’s first visit with her was life-changing for him. Previously he had been limping for close to a year, getting progressively worse. He was given pain medications which did not help, leaving him tired and lifeless. I was told that he was aging more quickly than dogs his age??? This pushed me to find a doctor who specializes in aging dogs and treats with holistic approach if possible. No matter the length of time Nico had left, I wanted his quality of life to be as good as possible. With the treatment and care given by Dr. Osborne, Nico is much more energetic, happy, howling occasionally, once again he is able to jump on furniture, and loves to play and take daily walks with Roxy. Every day I am still amazed at how great Nico is doing. Had it not been for Dr. Osborne, Nico may not have been here today. I travel over an hour to see Dr. Osborne and it is worth every minute and every mile.