Our two four legged kids, Sassy and Bentley have a new lease on life thanks to Dr. Carol. The change was noticeable within only 2 weeks of our initial visit. Our pups didn’t appear over weight to us, just a little “thick” but Dr. Carol clearly let us know that bringing them both to a healthier weight would do wonders for both of them.

Our older guy, Bentley is 9 years old and was starting to have some dementia type symptoms. He was standing and just staring off into space and would go out and tinkle on the driveway rather than go to the grass, he just wasn’t our same vibrant and playful boy – he seemed distant and sad. Bentley weighed around 100 pounds at our initial visit and is now a healthy 87 pounds. Dr. Carol had us change his diet (I felt horrible as I thought the raw diet and grain free kibble we were feeding were quality, I was so wrong).

Their coats should have been an indicator now that I think about it. They were always getting dander shortly after bathing them, which I did regularly. Now that we are feeding a true healthy diet and one that accommodates each dog: Sassy was having some stomach upset on raw so we feed her cooked chicken and Bentley remains on the raw Stella and Chewy’s along with added veggies and in addition to Dr. Carol’s Health and Wellness AM and PM Complex. They now have mental clarity, their coats are clean and dander free and they are SO soft! In fact our family couldn’t stop commenting on how silky Bentley felt when they were petting him this past Christmas Eve. I shared with them our story and they got to see what we are feeding them when it came to the dog’s dinner time – they were amazed! And this is the first time ever, that Sassy has a waist! She has lost around 8 pounds. Having a pet with a healthy weight, just like us, makes such a difference.

Dr. Carol and Halle, her daughter and wonderful assistant, make you feel welcome and are always happy to answer your questions when you are at the office. Dr. Carol will also call to follow up and see how things are going at home and will answer any questions you have. I am very proactive in our dog’s health and wellness – kind of a passion of mine and Dr. Carol has never made me feel like I am overstepping my boundaries with my questions or concerns. In fact she actually works with me and has made me feel more a part of our pups “wellness team” which is such a blessing to me. I don’t want to leave out this very important part: Bentley started having some issues with increased water consumption and with that he became a frequent flyer to having to go out every other hour. This made for some very rough nights. But yet, he kept testing negative for a urinary tract infection and his blood work came back perfect too. Dr. Carol went above and beyond to look into all the possibilities of why this was happening and did in fact find the problem. She is a stone turner and we are so blessed to have her in our back yard!

Thank you Dr Carol for all you do for us and our pets – we know we are always in the best of hands. Mary Z. Streetsboro, OH