Dr. Carol has been a God send to me and Mandy, my 12-year-old Rat Terrier. A year ago, Mandy was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and protein losing protein losing nephropathy (PLN). I consulted with several vets to see what we could do for Mandy. Everyone told me the same thing: It’s a progressive disease. There’s nothing we can do to cure it. Put her on a low-protein diet and treat her symptoms.

Then, Hallelujah, I found Dr. Carol. She’s the only vet who gave me hope that Mandy could be stabilized and perhaps Mandy could live several more years with me. She’s the only one who said, “Mandy can get better.” Dr. Carol took great interest in Mandy, her condition, and finding ways to overcome her nausea, her loss of appetite, and numerous other symptoms. She combined conventional medicine with non-mainstream medicine. She checked with me regularly to see how Mandy was doing. (How many vets do that?)

After a few months with Dr. Carol, Mandy is now better. No more vomiting. Improved appetite. Good energy. And Mandy’s BUN and creatinine numbers have come way down. Thank you, Dr. Carol. You are one in a million. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know if Mandy would still be alive today. Your fan and grateful forever, Kay Van Hoesen