I started my 1 year old adopted little fellow Quincy on PAAWS about a month ago. He is on a raw diet and is thriving! But more importantly, all of his ear infections have disappeared and his coat is absolutely astounding. I attribute this to the combination of his diet AND your marvelous product.
When I saw the great sale going on for your products I hastily ordered the PAAWS™ original without hesitation. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

Quincy came into my life after my sweet Yuki left this planet after five wonderful years of being treated like a king. We adopted him knowing he was blind, deaf, no teeth and enlarged heart. Our vet gave him one year…he was with us 5. If only I had investigated your PAAWS™ product 5 years ago who knows how lucky we would have been? Now, with Quincy, well, the sky’s the limit. He was adopted as a neglected little fellow with very little meat on his bones. Now I can say, he not only has some major muscle, but I can say with confidence that he is the healthiest little fellow in our town!!!