I started Meeka on Paaws vitamins for pets about 6 months ago. At that time she was sleeping about 20 hours a day. For a (2) two year old this is not good. Meeka had 3 surgeries on her back legs within a 5 month period. Meeka is a party-colored long haired Pomeranian and does not handle anesthetic well. Meeka started having other problems acid reflux then pancreatitis. She was weak and could not walk more then 1/2 block.

While checking out pet sites on the computer I ran across Dr Carol’s web site. I bought the Paaws vitamins and started Meeka on them within a few weeks I could see improvement in Meeka she slept less (only needed 3 naps of 1 hour or more a day) I called Dr Carol and told her how pleased I was with the vitamins and asked what else I could do to help Meeka The Vet that I had been working with had given Meeka some vomiting pills and I didn’t feel they helped do anything except make her tired. Those were stopped and Dr Carol prescribed Digest-Zymes and Probiotics. Within a few weeks there was more improvement and Meeka started digesting her food easier. Now Meeka eats 1/4 cup of chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots and rice two times a day with a turkey breast treat around noon Meeka rests after each meal about an hour to digest and needs only about an hour sleep in the afternoon

Meeka can walk about 1 1/2 mile Play and she is back for another session with her friend Clyde (snoodle mix) in agility. If it wasn’t for Dr. Carol and her knowledge we wouldn’t have all the great products for our pets that work and make the pets healthier..