Thank you, Dr. Carol, for your wonderful product that has indeed given our 17 year old Maltese such a dramatically improved quality of life. In the spring, he was barely able to walk. His left, hind paw gave out regularly. He was so obviously in pain from his arthritis, having his back all hunched and sleeping most of the day. The improvement, though gradual, was consistent and obvious. He now goes for several walks a day, happily, with no problem with his hind paw. He still sleeps a lot of the day but he is old after all but when he is awake, he is happy, alert and has moments of acting like a puppy again. He even engages our younger dog into having play fights on a regular basis! I will keep Cuddles on Vitalife as long as he is with us. I don’t ever want him to go without it since he is doing so well.