Heidi & Schatzie

I agree wholeheartedly with the testimonials. YOUR product is a truly beneficial product for any owner of a pet that they think the world of and want their pet to have a happy lengthily life for as long as possible. Yes, the dog on my e-mail message is cute and I wouldn’t mind having another pet, however she was not one of my girls. Unfortunately they did not have any schnauzers that I could use. I have two schnauzers: Heidi, (Black) and Schatzie (Salt & Pepper). They’re our little girls and we want them around and in good health for as long as possible. Schatzie is diabetic and before taking your supplement her appetite was not so good. Now she eats her food and then licks Heidi’s bowl. She’s just 17 pounds- just a little thing.

P.S. While we were out East visiting our daughter, my husband spread the PAAWS-VITALIFE word to any and all dog owners we met. Give them your card and told them that your product is terrific and that they should think of trying the product.