I’m writing to you today to say “Thank-You” for your untiring dedication to improving the quality of life for my cat, Charlie.

You have been “Charlie’s” vet for over ten years. In that time you have made sure he got his yearly shots, groomed and kept him in good shape. Sadly, when Charlie turned 10 (70 in cat years) he began to show signs of aging. He started limping on his left front paw, he had trouble jumping up onto the bed or chair, his energy and playfulness declined. I was very worried. Charlie was part of my family and I hated to see him in pain!

After examining you explained to me that as our pet’s age (just like humans) they can suffer various old age diseases. We discussed changing Charlie’s diet and adding in your all-natural “PAAWS-VitaLife” nutritional supplements.

In two short weeks I saw a dramatic improvement in Charlie’s energy, he stopped limping, he was once again able to jump up on the bed and chairs, he would chase around outside and seemed his old lovable self!

That was over a year ago, and we still have Charlie here to enjoy every day.

Dr. Carol, thank-you for your dedication to improving our pet’s life with your “PAAWS-VitaLife” nutritional support program.