About 3 months ago, my dog, Burner, and I met Dr. Carol. I had been considering surgery for my dog’s ACL (knee) problem and, just couldn’t subject him to all that it would entail. He’d already been in a knee brace for a month. So, I set out, on the internet, to find a solution. I was looking for a little hope. That’s when I started seeing all kinds of references to Dr. Carol. It appeared this Vet had some interesting ways of dealing with all kinds of pet related medical & whole life issues. And, she was just a car ride away. So, I packed up the boy and set out in search of that hope. The hope that he would have a somewhat normal life, that he would walk, play with his friends, visit his Gramma, enjoy his ball game, just be himself. He had been miserable since June, since the “incident” that lamed him. Upon our arrival, Dr. Carol & Halley got right down to business. They gated him and examined him thoroughly and Dr. assessed his condition. After awhile (seemed like forever) she said “we can help him”. Hope bloomed right in front of me. She had me put him on a special diet, to which we will always adhere, and she sent us home with supplements and holistic oil, for swelling (no more Rimadyl or Deramaxx, EVER!!!). She showed me some different massage techniques and, specific instructions on what the next month of his life would be like (first month of 3).

My gratitude for restoring my boy, Burner, to his happy, playful self and, giving Rayne her youth back! I’ve NEVER seen anything like these two. After the method that you had me employ, it only took 3 months for the boy to get sound on his knee. He can play in his yard, again. And, the gray that covered the girl’s muzzle, has been banished by her beautiful black!!! I feel empowered with the knowledge that you gave me, to help them live their best lives in the long run. But, most of all Dr. Carol, I want to thank you for restoring my hope.

-Jude J.