Dr. Carol is the BEST in the business. We’ve never worked with a vet that cares so deeply and works so hard to help our dog. We have been working very closely with her for about 3 months now. We traveled hours to consult with her for a second opinion and guidance when our dog, Ella, was diagnosed with Kidney Failure/Disease at just 3.5 years old. She has gone above in beyond to help us understand why this is happening and how to help us moving forward. She’s consulted with specialist all over the country to help us save our dog. Dr. Carol is persistent, consistent, thorough, and pays attention to details that most other vets miss or dismiss. Her sense of urgency in helping Ella is something I’ve never even seen in a human doctor. She’s been a strong force in advocating for our dog’s health and survival. She thinks outside of the box and doesn’t give up. We’ve had many vets tell us to just keep Ella comfortable until it’s her time. We refused to take that as the end and Dr. Carol has been right there with us the entire time. The only thing I regret is not finding her sooner. I have no doubt Ella would be in much better health if we would have worked with Dr. Carol since Ella was a puppy. If you want the best of the best, go see Dr. Carol. She knows what she’s doing! We can never explain how grateful we are.