I just wanted to bring you up to date on my cat “Nutty”. I spoke to you on the phone in regards to my cat that has a cancerous tumor on her face. You told me the formula was on back order. Out of the kindness of your heart, you made up a special order and got it to me immediately.

Nutty has also been much active since being put on the PAAWS-Vitalife AM/PM formula for the past month. He just had pre-op blood work done (they have to reduce the tumor again) and my Vet told us that all her functions (kidneys, liver, etc.) are excellent and cannot find any movement of the cancer in her system. She will have the tumor operated on Tuesday of next week. We’re hoping the surgery goes well. We have started our other cat on the PAAWS-Vitalife formula and see increases in her activity level. Appetites are terrific. I haven’t had a hard time of administering the formula. I just crush it and mix it in their food.

I am about to order more of the PAAWS-Vitalife AM/PM formula and that is what reminded me to let you know how Nutty was doing. I will update you further after her surgery.

Best Regards