Arwen and Aragorn, It is hard to believe that this video shows our 10 year old female German shepherd, Arwen who has been given back the energy and health she enjoyed as a puppy. As you can see, she is running with the same fluid and joyful demeanor of a much younger dog and this is the direct result of the work of Dr. CarolOsborne and her daughter Halle at the Chagrin Falls Vet Clinic. When we first took our two German Shepherds to her, we had tried a number of conventional vets and while there was nothing apparently wrong with Arwen and conventional vets gave her a clean bill of health, it was obvious to us that she was no longer able to easily jump in and out of our car, jump on our bed or bound effortlessly up and down stairs and she tired noticeably on long walks. She had trouble sleeping through the night and was restless and easily alarmed.


Arwen had always been fa
irly trim for a large dog, normally weighing about 85 pounds which the vets told us was just fine. She had gained weight due in part to being less active and was 90 pounds when we first took her to see Dr. Carol. After a thorough examination and blood work, Dr.Carol amazed us by saying that if we gave her 6 months, we would have a new dog! By changing Arwen’s diet and adding daily supplements to help balance her metabolism, the Arwen today that you see in the video is a happy, active, healthy 71 pounds and able to run and jump at will. She sleeps much better and is not restless or easily agitated and just much more pleasant to have around. I should mention that all this took far less than 6 months.

Hard to believe but the evidence is clear. We actually took Aragorn, our twelve year old male German shepherd, Arwen’s half-brother to Dr. Carol first as he was really struggling with the mobility in his hind quarters and we had been given various potential diagnosis’ for his condition, ranging from hip dysplasia and arthritis to degenerative neuropathy. While it was evident that something was seriously wrong with Aragorn, following the same plan of adjusting his diet and adding supplements, Aragorn’s quality of life showed a dramatic positive increase.

Aragorn was always significantly larger than Arwen, normally weighing just over 100lbs and had recently started to hit 105lbs. As Dr. Carol balanced him out, his weight dropped to 87lbs, and his ability to walk and even run, go up and down stairs and get in and out of the car returned in proportion to his weight loss. Unfortunately, it was discovered by Dr. Carol that the cause of all this was due to a fast growing tumor which conventional vets completely missed. Dr. Carol and her daughter Halle were very kind and helped us with the decision to allow Aragorn to pass on in the same manner as he had lived his life. German Shepherds are a warrior breed, with an innate desire to serve their pack and suffer greatly when unable to do so.


Through their efforts, Aragorn was able to enjoy a new quality of life for his remaining time with us and when the time came, he passed peacefully. Regardless of what type of dog you have or what age they are, we encourage you to invest in their future health and well-being by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Carol at the clinic as soon as possible, like us, you will amazed and thrilled with the results and your dog will thank you. Best regards, Bill and Janet Kilcullen