I am in love with my vet. Dr. Carol offers an integrated approach to my pet’s health and wellness. She is both a traditional vet as well as a holistic vet. There is no one else around that does what Dr. Carol offers. She takes a genuine interest in your pet’s health. When you come into her office, she has calming oils flowing through the air. She approaches your animal with the utmost care and love. She is not the type of vet that will run tests just to run them or sell drugs to treat your pet because she will make more money that way. We have all been to those vets. Dr. Carol will try different approaches to handle whatever your dog’s ailment is. Whether it is traditional medicine, or perhaps some herbs or oils or changes in the diet. I referred a friend to her that was about to undergo a lot of expense for her dog that was diagnosis with cancer. Dr. Carol right away said it was not necessary to go down that route and they have treated her dog with other methods and I am thrilled to say that dog is doing fine. Dr. Carol as well as her staff are one of a kind. I travel far for our visits but she is well worth it. So if you are looking for that special veterinarian, look no further … Dr. Carol is it. Betsy F